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Saturday 7 December 2019

New Safi Youth Radiance in Malaysia

As a local Malaysian, we also have a range of beauty products that is suitable for our asian skin. And these days, everything is about anti-aging formula. One of the known brands in Malaysia is Safi that just recently launched their new Safi Youth Radiance range that is a combination of anti-aging + whitening.

This Safi Youth Radiance has a rather unique formulation that consists of the Saffron Gold Technology with premium Saffron Extract, Nano Gold, Beetox and Lipo Vit-C in its product. It is entirely HALAL certified and it combines the power of science and technology as it is terminologically tested.

The Safi Youth Radiance comes in two range with its ease-to-use features :

1. Safi Youth Radiance Anti-Aging & Whitening Essence 100ml (RM 55.90) : With Hyaluronic Acid and Saffron Gold Technology it is designed to be water-based for easy absoption into skin leaving a clear skin without any leftover residue feeling behind. It is also clinically tested at Safi Research Institute to brighten skin and provides a youthful bounce.

I love how this packaging looks like because it looks really shimmery and shiny with gold flakes in the texture that is surprisingly gentle on the skin after massaging it in. You can also use this as a moisturizer or toner that lasts up to 24 hours! So if you're always on-the-go, this will be good for you.

2. Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser 40g (RM 55.90) : Formulated at their Safi Research Institute, this one is of a cream gel texture that also provides whitening and hydration benefit to the skin. This will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking younger without the feeling of oily residue. This cream gel consists of Saffron Extract, Lipo Vit-C and Vita B3, which helps improve uneven skin tones, fine lines and dullness.

Its texture is really unique as once applied, it transforms into water droplets where it allows a deeper penetration into the skin surface as you massage it in. This can be used also as a replacement for your night regime moisturizer because it helps skin repair.

Best to use both together if you want better result and to use it daily for consistent result as a good maintenance for your skin regime. To get your Safi Youth Radiance range, they are now available at Watsons, Guardian and AEON Wellness outlets nationwide.

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