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Tuesday 22 September 2015

3 Key Ladies Fashion Rules

The key to Ladies Fashion is simple! Regardless of your age, these simple fashion rules will definitely help you transform your outfit into an improved touch. 

Today I'll share with you 3 simple fashion rules to avoid yourself from becoming a fashion victim and look stunning & comfortable in whatever you wear. 

Since becoming a mom & as a women, I always try to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. Therefore, I apply these basic ladies fashion rules into my everyday life!

Rule No.1 : The Power of Accessorizing
Never underestimate the power of accessories! These bunch of lovelies gives the perfect touch for any women to perk up their everyday outfits. With just a simple jewellery, bags, shoes or hats, your entire outlook will transform into a more improved look and stylish too. Sometimes you need to add colours to your plain outfit, my advise will be to opt for bright accessories and you will definitely feel that extra boost of confidence. Trust me, accessories WILL transform your look! You can never go wrong with this rule. (Just don't overdo it lah~) 

If you're a mom like me and worried about the accessories that might hurt your baby? Worry not, just pick the ones that are cloth-like materials. 

Some examples are:
- Scarfs (so many beautiful nursing scarfs)
- Bags (there's tons of pretty diaper/mommy bags or just get a "bag in a bag" accessory to convert your beautiful bag into a wonderful mommy bag!)
- Shoes (go for wedges if you wanna feel safer or a sports shoe to look sporty)
- Belts (waist belts makes us mommy look slim around our waist -most mom dilemma SOLVED!)
- Just be careful of earrings & necklaces (trust me, you will gain the skill to prevent your child from ripping these accessories off you)

So fret not and accessorize with ease!~

Rule No.2 : Embrace Your Shape
All of us are made to be different. However, deep down our hearts beat the same rhythm. Therefore, you must forget all your insecurities & learn to embrace your body shape regardless of whatever shape you're in; 
Whether you're a pear shaped, slim, chopstick, petite or an hourglass; We women should know the fashion rules in dressing up according to our figure. The rule to this is to discover which silhouette flatters you and filter the trends to fit your own self! 

For example, petite ladies should avoid clothings that can drown their look : 

For example, Pear shaped ladies can balance their curves by wearing flare pants or tunic tops.

So find your shape, embrace it and style it your way! Don't be afraid! No one is perfect! No one is born to have a perfect shape! (Unless you do body surgery then diff story...hahaha)

Rule No.3 : Quality over Quantity
Yes, you might have a huge built-in closet or a walk-in wardrobe or maybe just a simple cupboard that you'd love to fill it will lots of clothes. But don't la waste your money on cheap clothes with bad quality! The saying goes "Cheap Things Don't Come Good & Good Things Don't Come Cheap"! However, quality is always the best choice compared to quantity. Invest your money well by purchasing fashion items which are of high quality. No one wants to buy things that do not last long (clothings also can go bad after a certain time frame. It also depends on how you wash and care for it lah~). Get the most of your money by shopping for good quality items and you will definitely be satisfied with your purchase for years to come. 

I'm no fashion guru but I have my own fun experimenting new pieces of clothing together and tend to make a few fashion mistakes along the way. However, I've managed to give good advise to those who asks for it. Also my hubby has been complementing on my choice for fashion since we first met. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for being able to assist my friends & family members even if it's just a simple question like "Where did you get that outfit from?!", then I had to look up the details for them and also gave some tips how to style it differently to suit them. Works like a charm everytime! (Lolx, perasan la me~ but true la, bangga! Ahahahaha)

As token of thanks for reading my blog post on fashion, I present to you a 15% discount code for you to shop for your fashion style~! 

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Happy shopping~!!

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