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Sunday 22 May 2011

Redang, the good times

Going to Redang for the 2nd time and it’s a great spot for family, friends and lovers. Relaxing and enjoyable with all the fishies, corals, sand, sun & water!
Oceanic view

In the ferry on the way to Redang Beach Resort if you sit downstairs, you get to see the waves splash against the window hehe…

Redang Beach View
From the ferry, you will know when you are nearby Redang Beach Resort area because the water will be a serene bluish green surface that is just awesome to look at for hours to calm your soul! You might even get lucky and see some fishy swimming around…

Upon arrival we wait at the lobby for check-in and also a briefing from the snorkeling + water-diving Gurus’… Head onwards to your room and settle down before deciding your next destination… We decided to rest up till Dinner which is provided at the resort (comes with the package). 
Night Walk-Night Surprise
After dinner, we took a stroll along the beach taking pictures of sand-built castles and structures infront of Laguna Beach Resort which is right next to Redang Beach Resort… And further onwards to More More Tea Inn for picture taking hehe… A night walk with a night surprise which I received an “I Red heart YOU” keychain from my loved one while sitting by the beach watching the waves and the night sky with the sparkling stars above us… SO ROMANTIC!!! Ehehehehe…

The next morning, we had to wake up early to the morning music siren (amplified across the resort) to get ready to head out into the ocean for snorkeling sessions…

(NO IMAGES HERE) my mobile phone can’t go underwater laaaaaaaa…

Lovey Dovey shots @ da beach
We had some couple shots taken when we arrived back at the resort…
Sam & Yen - Couple Shots
Sam & Yen decided to head back in to the ocean to view the corals and smaller fishies near the resort beach…

Beach walking & fun
Whilst me and my boyfriend decided to take a loooooooooooooong walk along the beach and cam-whore all the way!

Over here, our package had breakfast, lunch, tea time & dinner provided. Breakfast, lunch & Dinner are the normal local Malaysian cuisines buffet style such as bread, clear soup, fried mee, fried bihun, fried rice, veggie, fried chicken or chilli fried fish and etc etc etc… As long as it is simple and easy to cook at mass quantity without losing the flavour to it.
However, during Tea-time, we headed to the back of the lobby area to find that the stalls where they sell snacks have been improvised alot compared to 4 yrs ago in 2009/2008… We ordered “Ramly Burger” and “Keropok Lekor”, some teh tarik and teh-o-ais. Price is affordable, RM10 still can get abit balance back hehe… But the burger is YUMMY YUMMY YUM YUM!!! Not tooooo oily, not toooooo dry…. Just right and juicy too!! Love it! The keropok lekor is crispy and chewy and I love it… It’s my favourite snack!!!

More More Tea Inn
After pigging out at tea-time, we had to burn off those extra calories by walking… So we went next door to Laguna Beach Resort to scout out the area and further downwards, there’s a More More Tea Inn which was made famous by Hong Kong stars because More More Tea Inn was used as the main location for a HK movie "Summer Holiday" starring Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren in 1999. Both Redang Beach Resort and More More Tea Inn became famous due to this… Even the themed song from the movie is frequently played here at the resort.

We cam-whored like crazy, taking lovey dovey shots and crazy shots but it was fun and funny hehe…

Waiting for Ferry to arrive to head back
On the last day on the beach, we took some lovely couple shots while waiting for the ferry to arrive to take us back to Terengganu office where we waited there for time to pass because our flight back to KL is only at Evening…

We walked around town and even the aunty taking care of the office waiting area (Redang Beach Resort office) was good enough to take us around and even took us to “Kak Yah’s Keropok Losong” shop to grab us some keropok losong to take home!! RM5 for 20 fat pieces of keropok losong!

Cooking it : All we had to do was boil the losong and then fry it up. We can eat it after boiling it too… You can even taste it first before buying… 

I MISS IT!!! I WANNA GO BACK AND BUY THOSE KEROPOK AGAIN!!!! Aaaaa… I found out that they sell it here in KL tooooo....

Hope you enjoyed this preview of Redang Beach Resort… Ohohoho…

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