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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Steam & Sanitize Your Total Hygiene Care Solution Malaysia

I have heard of steaming and sanitizing treatments before and it is not really affordable to own one; Even getting someone to do it for your home, vehicle, office, outlet, centres, schools is not cheap! Not until now! I am grateful to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for this wonderful opportunity of winning the lucky draw on their Facebook post just early this month! The lucky draw consists of a full session from Steam & Sanitize worth up to RM380, where I get to choose what I'd like to steam & sanitize off their menu for my home! I also won a RM100 cash voucher for Steam & Sanitize services that I will be using it too for my vehicle. 

See the machine that they use, aren't like those vacuum machines, these are huge imported machines and it's for heavy usage! These are the ones that is loaded with the power to really really kill bacterias and penetrates deeper into mattresses to rid those nasty bed bugs or dust mites lurking inside!

The machine can produce up to 95degree of heated steam which is at 90psi. You need about 47degree to really kill a dust mite! So with the machine and the turbo cover as you can see in the photo, that cover has a system in it that is designed in a way to spread the steam evenly and apply added pressure of the steam coming from the machine, through the hose, to push the steam further, allowing it to penetrate about up to 40mm! Usually bed bugs or dust mites stays near the surface and lay eggs at max 10mm deep.

Best of all, this technology uses NO CHEMICALS! Pure H20, water lah... They did refill water from my tap also. SO it's pure water and it's the high heat that helps kill the bacterias! 

Earlier I mentioned about psi, basically I am not mathematics nor science dudette myself haha~ but basically the steam & sanitizing machine releases pressure from the 14th floor to the ground! That length of pressure it is able to produce! Basically can blow you away la.. But with the same turbo cover, as mentioned, besides the way it is designed, it is also engineered to regulate the whole mechanism to suit steaming & sanitizing sessions from a piping hot 95degree at 90psi to about 70degree at 30psi. So rest assured, in simple terms, it is safe for steaming and sanitizing your household furnitures, vehicles and such.

After each steam & sanitizing session, the team will also vacuum up whatever leftovers that is left behind after the kill. It's like the vacuum is harvesting it's kill from the steam & sanitizing session, hahahahaha~!

It is recommended to get a session in 6 months duration because of the different and various bacteria's or bugs we may have brought home unknowingly (because these lil buggers stick to our clothes like parasites!). It's not a daily nor monthly thing, unless your place gets really uncomfortable real fast. For vehicles, be prepared for dead roaches. Which will be my next task to complete! However, vehicles for landed property is relatively easier compared to high-rise buildings, because you need a 3-pin plug point for the machine to operate.

Before the session, I used to have mild flu (me and my kids), every morning! I knew it was the dust issue. I even vacuumed it often but still same. Immediately after the Steam & Sanitize session, my kids were in awe! (Kids are sensitive to changes in environment, kinda like energy in space) We felt the same spacious environment and it was just wonderful, it smells wonderful too! Like fresh clean sheets (we had to change bedsheets also la), but the air was really really cleaner! My master room used to be densed because there's nothing protecting the walls from the outside, so when it's hot, the room gets hot, when i's night time and chilly or rain, the room gets cold. It's like a weather room...

And it has been a week after our session, the room is still fresh and the air crisps clear! My sofa also much cleaner, even the carseat was cleaner too! However, I found out that we're not supposed to steam with high temperature for the carseats as it can damage the structure and the foam inside the carseat. Please read your manual and check for the "heat temperature" guide as reference.

So if you'd like to schedule a session, feel free to contact them and schedule an appointment with them. They can only handle about max 3 appointments per day, so gotta book them fast if you want it quick!

Min spend of RM380 for home services within Klang Valley.
(My King Divan, Mattress, Comforter, Single Divan, Single Mattress, Sofas, Carseats already RM380)
~Anything not on this list please check with Steam & Sanitize~
So this is the menu/price list, and it's really affordable actually! Really good quality too! 
Watch it in action! 

For more details :

Ps. Even my son (coming to 4 yrs old this Nov) "slumber" only pass his toys to the team to steam & sanitize for him.

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