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Friday 17 August 2018

Sunway Lagoon 61st National Day Celebration

Celebrating Wonder Years with Sunway Lagoon together with your family as we are nearer to National Day and Malaysia Day! 2018 marks Malaysia's 61st Merdeka celebration (or very own Independence day!). And to commemorate the wonderful occasion, Sunway Lagoon launched it's "Proud To Be Malaysian" campaign inconjunction with the unveiling of "One", a mesmerizing and beautifully made 7 Bisons sculptures, created by Infantino Fernandes, from India. He is a self-taught artist who is now a full-time sculptor, His work of art has travelled to many countries such as China, Japan, Australia, Dubai, Kuwait, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia; And commissioned by various International Hotel chains.

Goat sculpture by Infantino Fernandes 2015. Image Copyrights to


Incase you didn't know, Infantino has been onboard with Sunway group since 2014, his first commission being the 'Yang' in 2015 followed by 'Victor' in 2016.

Lion sculpture by Infantino Fernandes 2016. Image Copyrights to SJEcho

The amazing 7 Bisons sculptures directly opposite Sunway Lagoon theme park main entrance, depicting Gaurs (Indian Bisons), looks really life-like! It is made out of 7000 strips of mild steel and it took Infantino 22months to complete it from August 2016 to April 2018! This beautiful work of art is called at 'One' and signifies unity; Sunway Group are looking to get 'One' on The Malaysia Book of Records for the "Most Number of Metal Sculptures in a Single Collection by a Solo Artist category"! 'One' also transcripts a message behind it's work of art;

As individuals at our core, with all the differences in our personalities and characters, WE ARE ONE. Through "One", the artist seeks to instill in the viewer, the hope that someday we will come together as a herd that thinks about the betterment of all its members. Someday, we will UNITE; Someday, we will be "ONE".

To kick-off the celebrations, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park has lined up fun-filled activities from 17th August - 16th September 2018, such as Cultural Dance performance, Silat Workshop, the Flag Hoisting Ceremony and Traditional Games such as the 'Congkak', 'Sepak Raga' and 'Batu Seremban'. By celebrating the country's rich cultural heritage together, it helps to instil the spirit of patriotism in Malaysians. I generally love this idea, because kids these days are too exposed to technology and new gadgets. leaving all these wonderful traditional games behind.

What's even better is, Merdeka babies will be entitled to a mystery gift by flashing their MyKad at the ticketing counter on 31st August 2018!

Apart from the games and fun-filled activities lined up, visitors can also expect performances like the art of 'Teh Tarik' puring and 'Roti Canai' tossing on 16th September. Young visitors will also receive LIMITED EDITION 'Proud To Be Malaysian' temporary tattoos and other goodies on Merdeka Day and Malaysia day itself!

That's not all! There will be bazaars and food stalls available for foodies to complete the Malaysia Bazaar Bingo Card game in return for cool prizes! From 17th August to 9th September, the weekly 'Man VS Food: 61 sec' challenge will test the strength of participants' belt line!

When I first visited Sunway Lagoon decades ago, it was just a short walk in the park. Coming back again with my son, I am in awe! With more than 90 attractions across SIX parks! That is crazy! Now spreading across over 88-acre! 

Today alone, I took 10k steps, approx. 33km just walking in the theme park alone, from the Extreme Park to the Nickelodeon Water Park to the Wildlife Park. Usually there's a bus that takes you to places faster, but couldn't spot any bus today in the park.

From 17th August - 16th September 2018, guests can enjoy RM61 off Sunway Lagoon's admission fee by presenting your MyKad (even when purchasing tickets online). Senior citizens will also be able to visit the park for FREE with their family! So bring your whole family to Sunway Lagoon, especially now with the school holiday season has begun! 

For more promotions of Sunway Lagoon, you can visit :

Sunway Lagoon
Website | Contact : 603 5639 0000

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