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Wednesday 22 August 2018

Drypers New Wee Wee Dry Review Malaysia

Every second of everyday, there's a baby being born into this world and placed in the arms of their parents. And majority are new parents! However, I must say that new parents today are blessed with the ease of technology, as they can easily get their information online. However, sometimes too much information may overwhelm them. I sometimes get overwhelmed myself with the load of information available everywhere.

But when it comes to new parenting, the most basic and common first thing to do is, to get diapers for their newborn baby. With this in mind, Drypers continuously to help parents who face these challenges by listening to them and introducing new features that simplifies diapering. 

As a Malaysia’s leading diaper brand, they continue to set a benchmark in its category by making parenthood journey simpler for parents with the launch of a new and improved version of its best-selling diaper, the Drypers Wee Wee Dry. 

So what's this new and improved version?
The new Drypers Wee Wee Dry diaper is the first in Malaysia to provide an ideal size indicator with Tummy Fit Guide*. This feature is printed on the taping zone and enables parents especially new fathers to identify whether the diaper is a good fit or if another size is required. 

This is super cool! Because I have had experiences with all the diaper brands available over-the-shelve just to find the right fit! Some brands fit in M, some L and some XL! Trust me, they come in different cutting and also depending where it in coming from, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia or Japan! It gets frustrating at times too, especially when finding the right fit!

Because using a diaper that is the best fit helps eliminate the chance of any leakage and ensures that the baby’s comfort is prioritised. The Tummy Fit Guide is also a helpful aid for parents to monitor their baby’s growth.

We believe our new enhanced features will make things easier with the 6 AbsorbDRY layers help to evenly distribute wetness throughout the diaper and lock in urine to prevent leakage. It allows the baby to feel free and at ease with these new features; Drypers’ Wee Wee Dry offers the best fit to keep baby skin dry and comfortable, so that parents & baby can enjoy the amazing moments of growth together.” said Ms. Evelyn Chan, Marketing Director of Vinda Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd.

Drypers has also designed a diaper to cater for those who has an extra delicate skin, or basically newborn babies, with the Soft AbsorbDRY Layers and Stool Lock System, which is a soft perforated top layer that helps manage and effectively absorb loose stool, keeping baby’s delicate skin clean and healthy. 

And this is every parents worst nightmare! The navel area of your newborn baby where we are advised time and time again by nurses and pediatricians to keep that area open, exposed to air for it to natural dry off and fall off on its own, always always gets disturbed by those irritating waist bands of the diapers. Drypers has this Navel Care cut out design above the taping zone that prevents contact and friction where the newborn baby’s umbilical cord stump is and keeps that area exposed to air flow! Another feature I am amazed at!

Drypers’ Wee Wee Dry diapers now come with fresh and playful animal designs that reflect close connections between parents and their babies. These colourful designs are not only attractive, but also make diaper changing an experience that encourages fun interactions between parents and their babies, enabling them to foster the unique bond they share,Ms. Chan added.

Drypers will be on the road with the Drypers Blue Wheels to paint the streets blue with numerous promotional activities, various games, balloon giveaway, dance performance, a magician and a clown that will be part of the launch event and activities. Creating more excitement around the launch of the new Wee Wee Dry diaper; Drypers customers can look to the official website and social media for opportunities to win special prizes.

Incase you didn't know, Drypers has an active online parenting club - the Drypers Baby Club, now over 400,000 parents (including me) have joined its online community. Drypers not only provides quality baby products, it also educates and motivates parents via its online platform so that it may assist them to discover and cherish their new unexpected brilliant world together. Members also benefit from an attractive and convenient rewards program – the Drypers Point Shop, which enables parents to collect points with purchase of Drypers products and redeem them for fun and educational toys. I love their baby tips shared in the club, really insightful!

Just remember, every baby is different, don't even bother to compare because everyone is unique and may experience different growth patterns; Hence the Tummy Fit Guide is developed to help parents as an indicator for the best fit and next size change! No more wild guessing your babies size.

For more information on the Drypers brand and to stay up to date, please visit :

Drypers Malaysia

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