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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Smart Junior Baking Malaysia & Kidxy Malaysia

I've always dreamt of taking my son to baking school one day. It was also inspired by a random post on Facebook I saw of one of my FB friend who took his daughters to baking school. However, I knew there was an age limit to that to begin with.

I am glad that I was able to conveniently find on, a suitable baking class for my eldest boy who is turning 4 years old this November 2018. The first thing I did was browsed through the variety of activities available on and there's just so many fun-filled activities to choose from!

Some of it was really interesting and some like robotics class were relatively new to me, as I've never heard of it before. It was Smart Junior Chef baking trial class that piqued my interest and caught my attention to go for it with my son!

The interface was really user-friendly and easy to proceed to check out and make payment for the trial class. I almost forgotten to call to make an appointment when Kidxy called to just check if I've scheduled the class I purchased.

Thankfully for their reminder, I then proceeded to make a call to Smart Junior Chef at Bandar Kinrara to confirm the schedule for my son's trial class.

The day arrived, and I was as excited as my son! I was also wondering how it will turn out to be, will I be doing all the work instead of him?

NO! To my surprise, we leave them there and we can either wait at the waiting area or come back and pick them up later! The chef was really nice and friendly (and young but extremely talented!); Even the other teachers who assisted were all really young and talented, ready passionate in what they do and it was just a joy to see them running the baking class from the outside!

There was so much fun and joy. Totally stress-free environment! I mean we're talking about baking with flour, mixing and etc etc all the amount of mess that kids can possibly create! But over here it was just so neat, even if there's any mess, it's manageable! No crazy mama going insane over spilled flour in there or crazy mama shouting "don't touch that", "nooooo don't put it there" and etc....

My son was probably the youngest, the rest are regulars as I can see because they seemed familiarised with the place. So my son had extra 1-to-1 guidance and help.

He was given a cute apron and chef hat before the class started and hygiene is important here as they have to wash their hands first.

On each table, everyone has a copy of the recipe that they will be baking for the day. I literally watched my son from behind the tinted glass window for almost 1 hour plus. I was smiling from ear to ear! I'll let the photos tell the story below :

It was the best decision ever! As a mother of 2, I've never felt as delighted as I was (apart from birthing my babies) in my whole life!

I was interested in the course so I asked for details and sharing it here for your reference as well.

It's RM170 a month for 4 classes (Baking classes are from age 4 years old onwards). Different venue the days & timing has some slight difference which you can call to check. They have Taipan USJ branch, Bandar Kinrara and Bukit Puchong branch. They also have a cooking class for age 11 years and above where they are taught to cook fusion cuisines (Western, Asian, Italian etc).

Now I'm only contemplating to go to which branch because the one I went to is a little bit further from where I live. And there's another nearby me which I have yet to visit.

For more info & activities for you and your kids especially, you can also check on :

For info on Smart Junior Chef baking and cooking classes, you can visit :

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