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Saturday 25 August 2018

Pampers Making A Comeback on Lazada Malaysia

Pampers, has been dominating the market for more than 50 years! I am sure many of you have definitely heard or even said it to a friend or family member before. 

Say what? 
"What pampers are you getting for your baby?", "What's your baby pampers size?", "Have you bought any baby pampers for your baby yet?" or maybe "Which brand of pampers should I get for them ah?". Little did they know that "Pampers" IS a brand of its own! It has made it's remarkable mark in the diaper industry in Malaysia that it literally replaced the "diaper" word in general! That is how powerful this brand is!

However over the years, technology has advanced and everything changes day-to-day. With that, Pampers is also now making a major comeback into the market with it's new improved technology that you will surely be amazed! Lazada's Mother and Baby category has grown rapidly since it's introduction, with products that varies from maternity right up till products for infants and toddlers. The TOP SELLING products on the e-commerce platform are diapers and ranking as one of the TOP KEYWORDS searched is "PAMPERS". Little did they know, they should actually be looking up for "DIAPERS". But now, with Pampers officially on board Lazada, these TOP SEARCHES by parents in Asia will not be in vain!

"Pampers is the world's no.1 diaper brand and trusted by millions of moms and babies around the world every day. We recognize that one of mom and baby's biggest frustration are wet and sagging diapers, and how this can affect babies' ability to move and learn from their surroundings. Hence, Pampers has launched one of their best premium innovation to date. Pampers made-in-Japan now comes with "Magical Pods" technology." said Brandon Lim, Brand Manager of Pampers Malaysia.

Wei Ling of P&G Marketing, gave a demonstration on how amazing the new technology is and how it may ease a parents worries when it comes to wet soggy diapers and their babies skin hygiene and comfort.

It was also nice to see KampungBoyCityGirl & Chloe Leong, both social media influencers at the event sharing their first time motherhood experiences. Everyday is an adventure and we learn new things everyday... Trust me, EVERY DAY! Lolx... I am still learning as well, with TWO toddlers, both boys.

The packaging has also changed from it's normal orange to this oceanic greenish blue packing and it is Made In Japan; And when it comes to questions on eco-friendliness and bio-degradable, Pampers design is engineered towards that direction in mind.

Incase, you are wondering, they have a Tape (NB - XXL) and Pants (M - XXL) version. They also have a blue sticker on the top left to indicate that the Pampers (Size XL - XXL) pants can be used for night time.

Now you've seen the changes, so be sure to mark your calendars as the Lazada Super Brand Day, a 24-hour shopping event, that will take place ONLY on 29th August 2018, with up to 30% off storewide for Pampers best products, with FREE DELIVERY to your doorstep!

Stay Tuned on 29th August 2018 at :

Lazada Malaysia

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