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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Top 3 Things You Can Do For Your Co-Teachers on Teacher's Day

Do you know that co-teachers are equally as important as teachers on any other days? Am sure many of you may not be aware but there are also things that colleagues do contribute to your life in the campus that no student could replace. Doing something for your co-teachers mean that you are treating them as special persons in your life.

How to Show Affection to Co-Teachers during Teacher Day Event?

On a teacher’s day celebration, it is not always that only students should be the ones giving gifts
to teachers. Yes, they are expected to do such thing as part of the school’s activity, but you can
also show affection to your co-teachers during this special event.

So here are the Top 3 ways you can make your co-teachers feel special during teacher’s day.

1. Cook for your Co-Teachers
Gifting them some foods like cookies, jams, salads and more can fill the air in the faculty room
with happy emotions. This is another wonderful moment to celebrate with them and with your
food contribution to your party, perhaps, you will be able to thank them for all the support they
did for you. Afterall, they are the ones behind the scenes prepping things for you that no student can do and even as a teacher, you may not even have time to do so. So their hardwork should be appreciated and celebrated as well as yours on the same day.

2. Give Your Co-Teachers some Flowers
Flowers are tokens of love and friendship. In most cases, your work mates become your new
siblings and even friend; And as you celebrate your day as mentors, it is just right that you make them feel important. A hand bouquet for your co-teachers is ideal or even floral baskets with a wonderful flower arrangement for your other colleagues will do the charm too. For male teachers who are also close to you, giving them some beaded lanyard with flowers is also great.

In getting your flowers, you can visit a flower shop in Singapore or you can just order online.
Create that element of surprise in the faculty room with your requested express flower delivery and for sure, your co-teachers will be touched by your initiative and appreciate the thought behind the gift.

3. Host an Exclusive Teacher Party in Your Place
You don't have to be the headmistress/headmaster to host a party, all it takes is initiative by anyone, even you. Hosting a party at your place with all your co-teachers invited can develop a strong relationship between all of you. You can also ask the best florist in Singapore to help you decorate your place with flowers so that it will look welcoming and accommodating to all invited guests.

By doing all these things, you are actually doing yourself a favor in the long run. There is no need to expect for a payback for this effort because the happiness you gain by making other people happy will be delivered directly to your heart a hundred folds, making you feel happier and proud about

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