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Sunday 5 August 2018

Ginn International Showcase 2018

Had an amazing time at the Ginn International August Showcase event at Malaysia International Jewellery Fair at KLCC. An event where I was honoured to be able to meet Ginnie Lam for the first time.

It was an exciting moment at the Ginn International August Showcase that began with a high level exposition of its brand & business direction by the Emcee of the Day, Isabelle Lee. This high level exposition was fully endorsed in the presence of its Founding President, Ms Ginnie Lam; Ginn Artistry President, Mr Nicolas Pang; and the Operations Director, Mr Derrick Yong

The event today were composed of 3 fashion & red-carpeted Runway Shows in a single Showcase; Guests were feted to its very own Ginn Artistry Models' Fashion Show with Designer Evening Gowns sponsored by Venus Cheng, founder of Glitter Venuss & Ginn Int'l sponsored Jewellery. 

The gowns were shimmering and shiny! Stylish and sparkly at the same time!

This stellar runway performance was helmed by 12 of the most prominent Malaysian Beauty Queens and local top Models whose Talents has also earned them their appointment as Star Brand Influencers at this very Showcase itself. 

This was quickly followed by the first Star Brand Awards Int'l presentation in KL, Malaysia by its President, Professor John Hee Chul Jung from Korea, who presented on what's trending in the next wave of the Korean entertainment scene and even in the beauty industry landscape; that will soon see a convergence of Asian Models, Entertainment Artists, Education institutions & Pageant Promotion Platforms. 

Shortly after his speech, it was the Presentation of the Star Brand Influencers Awarded Contracts to the very same 12 Ginn Artistry (M'sia) Models who graced the MIJF Runway with their amazing Opening Show.

Right after that, it was the Aircrew Uniform Showcase, sponsored by Cabin Crew Academy KL; where Top 6 Graduating Stewardesses & Steward from the Cabin Crew Academy KL (Subang Skypark) graced the red carpet runway with a Special Academy Uniform Parade (while having the highly popular 'Triumph in the Skies' drama theme song played in the background).

Captain Amin Said, Managing Director of Cabin Crew Academy KL gave an introduction on the academy role on elevating the aviation hospitality industry into an even nobler and socially equitable profession.

The highlight of the Cabin Crew Academy KL segment was the Official Appointment of Ginnie Lam as the International Ambassador of Cabin Crew Academy KL, to promote and to carry the cause of elevating the aviation hospitality industry into an even nobler and socially equitable profession.

As the Emcee ushered the Showcase Chairing Ms Ginnie to her backstage preparation for the Showcase's primary finale highlight, we were treated to a series of short Sharing sessions by:

Mikasa Chong from JCI Malaysia was invited on stage to present their campaign for the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, a set of global objectives for all UN countries targeted for the year 2030.

International Aroma Association's (IAAA) Ms. Vicky Law; Was invited to the stage to give a short intro about the IAAA and the "Art of Feminine Elegance through Aromatherapy". Ginnie Lam is also the honorary chairwoman, chair judge of the International Aromatic and Aesthetics Association.

And finally, Ginn's very own Operations Director, Mr. Derrick Yong together with Mr. Nicolas Pang on recounting the progressive journey of Ms. Ginnie Lam in Malaysia since becoming the Coffee & Tea Lifestyle Ambassador of the "Best Malaysian Cafés" Program in the year 2017.

My favourite part of the event apart from everything, was the prime highlight of the Showcase,
Korean Traditional Elegance Hanbok Fashion Show,
with 10 top senior Korean Models showcasing the finest designs, from über traditional pieces to contemporary chic everyday pieces. This avant-garde blend of traditional and contemporary themes were created by the attending Korean Celebrity Tailors.

It was breathtakingly beautiful to watch and the music definitely set the scene perfectly!

 This was brought to another level of grace and sophistication when the Finale Hanbok Showcase by Ginnie Lam herself, appearing in a specially designed fusion statement piece.

Her movement is smooth and gentle, like the soft wind blowing against the sakura flowers of the tree!
Ginnie is without a doubt, mesmerising!

When the Association Chairman, Mr. Jo Hoi Kim was introduced for his short speech (as translated by Professor John), the atmosphere among the crowd was filled with anticipation and excitement as he spoke on the motive and purpose by which he arrived upon our shores, carrying the torch of true Korean arts & culture.

The Chairman then gifted the Showcase with its grand-feather-in-the-cap with the Official Appointment of Ms. Ginnie Lam as the International Ambassador of the Senior Models' Association of Korea, as witnessed by its Chairman, Prof. John, and Mr. Nicolas together with the other attending Guests.

In the Ginn International Showcase finale, the Guests were shown a Special video presentation (see below) on Ginn Int'l's recent collaborative show in Korea held on the 11th of July 2018 for the Federation of Arts & Culture Korea (FACO Korea). This was followed by a Special moving Appreciation Speech by Ginn Int'l Founder, Ms. Ginnie Lam herself.

All in all, this Showcase celebrated for Ginnie Lam the following title endowments from their respective endorsing organisations : 
Founding President & Chairwoman : Ginn International 
• Grand Patron: Ginn Artistry
• Grand Patron: SBA Int'l
• International Ambassador: CCA KL
• Goodwill Ambassador: UN SDG 
• International Ambassador: Korean Senior Model's Assoc.

If you would like to collaborate with Ginn International you can drop them an email.
Or For More Info, Please Visit :

Ginnie Lam

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