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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Ginn International Showcase 2018

Had an amazing time at the Ginn International Showcase event at Malaysia International Jewellery Fair at KLCC. An event where I was honoured to be able to meet Ginnie Lam for the first time.

I've heard about her in brief but today I was astounded by her true beauty and her inspiring journey through life, motherhood, marriage and business.

Truly a woman who wears many hats!

Today was also a celebration of her beautiful journey together with fans, friends and family and a formal appointment ceremony for Ginnie Lam for various reputable corporations in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea.

The first showcase of the day was the Ginn Artistry Models' Fashion Show.

Sponsored by Venus Cheng, founder of Glitter Venus.

The gowns were shimmering and shiny!

Stylish and sparkly at the same time!

Followed by a speech by Hee Chul Jung, President of 
Star Brand Awards International (SBA Intl') and they presented the
live recruitment of KOL & Celebrity Influencers.

Right after that, it was the Aircrew Uniform Showcase, sponsored by Cabin Crew Academy KL. Apparently these uniforms will be commonly seen soon on MSN Airways.

Captain Amin Said, founder and chairman of Cabin Crew Academy KL (Training school) gave an introduction on the academy and invites anyone starting from age 18, if they would like to be trained to fly in the skies! (Not just learn to fly only la but the whole package) Because at Cabin Crew Academy KL, you learn how to present yourself, you'll learn proper grooming, etiquette and manners, customer service and many more, especially learning how to handle situations with professional mannerisms.

Ms. Ginnie Lam today was officially appointed and presented with a certificate as the Honorary Chairwoman of Cabin Crew Academy KL (Training school), by Captain Amin Said.

Shortly after the ceremony, Vicky Law, founder of International Aromatic and Aesthetics Association (IAAA), Hong Kong; Was invited to the stage to give a short intro about the IAAA and the Art of Aromatherapy for Balance of Feminine Elegance. Also, incase you don't know, Ginnie Lam is the honorary chairwoman, chair judge of the International Aromatic and Aesthetics Association.

Nicolas Pang, Ginn Artistry President, gave a short but inspiring speech where
Ginn Artistry International aspire to reach out to help every woman, especially single mother's out there to not just look good but to have more confidence within themselves; With Ginn Herbal Skincare range and skin therapy services by Ginnie Aesthetic. Developed to treat and help people so that they will have more confidence to go out into the world to do what they love.

Vicky Law from JCI Malaysia Sustainable Development Award was also invited on stage to present the company's goals.

Do you know that JCI was first being launched in 2017 hosted by JCI Malaysia. This is the 2nd year and will be hosted by JCI Petaling Jaya, Organizing Chairperson, Mikasa Chong; Mikasa shared about JCIM SDA 2018 Goodwill Ambassador. An awareness campaign for United Nation 17 Sustainable Development Goals;

Where each of their goodwill Ambassador speak from their heart to deliver their message and encourage their social media followers and public to support the project. They hope to encourage and recognize local companies, entrepreneurs, NGOs, volunteers and individuals of whom have been supportive in making the world a better place through sustainable and collaborative efforts.

My favourite part of the event apart from everything, was the
Korean Traditional Elegance Hanbok Fashion Show.
It was breathtakingly beautiful to watch and the music definitely set the scene perfectly!

To see each of the Korean Hanbok models' movement, flow with emotion, is beautiful beyond words. Sponsored by Korea Senior Model Association.

The starstruck moments during the whole event was when Ms. Ginnie Lam herself had on a beautiful angelic white Traditional Hanbok and walk the runway herself. It was just beautiful! Her movement is smooth and gentle, like the soft wind blows against the serene calm sea!
Ginnie is without a doubt, mesmerising!

She was also appointed to be the Official International Ambassador of Korea Senior Model Association, presenting the certificate to Ginnie Lam, was Jo Hoi Kim, chairman of Korea Senior Model Association.

In fact, she actually has 3 kids (boys) who worked hard to setup for today's event. I was shocked when I found out she has 3 kids and still looks amazing! Hence why, Ginn International, exists; It's to encourage, empower and inspire women around the world, through Ginnie Lam's success journey, achievements and recognition; That, if she can do it, so can we.

We just need to have that confidence in our self.

If you would like to collaborate with Ginn International you can drop them an email.
Or For More Info, Please Visit :

Ginnie Lam

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