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Tuesday 21 January 2020

Huat! Huat! Celebration with The Bar'n Malaysia

This 2020 Chinese New Year, if you haven't decided where to feast for this auspicious occasion, then The Bar'n will be the best choice to pick. For its spacious and comfortable environment that each venue carries their own special animal identity. It is a place that has the best of both world -food and drinks!

They also have Yee Sang that you can order to celebrate Chinese New Year with your loved ones! 

And what's better to pair it with their amazing meals and wines or alcohol to unwind and dine through the night!

Ps. You can opt for Vegetarian Yee Sang.

We also had the Meat Lover's Platter (RM92) that combines a variety of meat like the deep fried luncheon meat fries, tender juicy chicken wings, marinated and full of flavour pork satay, smoked chicken sausage, dynamite chilli chicken sausage, crispy pork belly and the juicy grilled Lágrima inter coaster pork meat (the meat between the ribs). 

Perfect to match with white wine or beer!

Then we also had the Pescatore Pizza (RM35) that is made with homemade tomato marinara with mozzarella cheese, super fresh sautéed prawns, mussels and squids! 

Very appetising for a pizza and not too overwhelming. Pairs beautifully with white wine too!

I preferred red wine for its antioxidant and we ordered a bottle of their house wine just to unwind and dine the night away.

The Bar'n actually hosts a different theme at each venue and for IOI City Mall, Putrajaya it was Daisy and Lucky the cow.

I love how the area was decorated! It was cosy and at the same time fun!

And we met Ricky who only had one goal in his mind. And that is to make sure everyone leaves happily. His passion in the restaurant is just inspiring because of his love for the culinary industry where he was a chef for over 30 years.

During our dinner there, he was checking in with people on their experience and just genuinely getting to know us. He was really friendly and approachable. You will surely feel welcome here at The Bar'n, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

They also have a Cigar room that is properly filtered and closed up that you can have private events or meetings with your business partners.

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