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Thursday 2 January 2020

UHU An Essential Product For Your Everyday Needs

UHU back then to me was a strong glue that sticks things to each other like paper and arts or crafts. Now as an adult, I came to learn more of UHU and their innovative products!

Over the years, UHU innovative solutions targets to specific markets and needs that now commands a significant market share in the Malaysian retail adhesive market. Through its research and development since 1930s. It continues to innovate and stay strong as the market leader as a glue innovator and expert in this field because of its quality too.

What I like most about the UHU new product launch that is always keeping up with today's trend, is the UHU Stic Magic Blue & the Limited Edition Pets 2.

Meanwhile, little did I know that there's also a UHU Max Repair glue that is meant for extreme repairs. This will surely be handy for handyman and also as standby for household item or surfaces that may require such extreme repairs. I can also easily repair my shoes with this! It is resistant to shock, temperature, UV and also dishwasher safe.

Then there's this new UHU Super Glue Ultra Fast Control. I know super glues are common but what makes UHU different in this range is that is actually has a counter-pressure technology that creates a suck-back effect when met with light pressure. This is good to prevent uncontrollable adhesive flows, no more spills and no more sticky and dirty fingers.

With all these latest variants available by UHU, it is worth following their page for more updates:
(UHU) Faber-Castell Malaysia

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