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Friday 3 January 2020

Sweet Pineapple Treat at Swee Bee

Growing up in my Chinese culture, Pineapple tarts is like a must for every Chinese New Year! It is the ultimate treat to have and the best to savour wherever you go for visiting! However nowadays there's too many out there, no one knows for sure which is the best?

I brought my son to visit Swee Bee by Baker Dave, to try their Pineapple tarts as they are homemade and a recipe made by Baker Dave's mother. 

A cosy hidden cafe in Plaza Damas 3, that truly brings out a vibe of home sweet home with good comfort food and beverages.

Me and my son took many photos here because it just felt like a loving environment to be at. And their food variety are aplenty! Very generous in portion and all freshly made to order.

And because Chinese New Year is around the corner, they are already selling out on their Pineapple Tarts from their loyal customers over the years. We also had the privilege to try some taster and it was delish!

Sweet and sour pineapple tarts that has a mild buttery texture that makes the entire pineapple tart experience worth with every bite!

If you are still looking for last-minute shopping for good homemade Pineapple Tarts then better call them to check before you head over to shop for these. Because the packaging is so lovely that it just suit the occasion beautifully!

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