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Saturday 8 December 2018

The Summit Hotel, USJ Christmas Buffet Specials 2018

It was a fun-filled day out with my family at The Summit hotel - Oceania Cafe as we enjoyed a Christmas buffet special this season 2018!

Sometimes it's good to just bring the family out to indulge in the festive seasons as we enjoy the food, environment and the friendly services especially towards Christmas day.

Their Christmas buffet in The Summit Hotel actually carries a variety of food and beverages for your selection. Each one differently cooked to suit your preference.

For me, I love western food and for my husband, he prefers the local Asian cuisines especially the rice with rendang and veggie. My kids are just happy to eat whatever we can grab for them; Of course first preference is the western cuisine.

The Summit Hotel features their Christmas buffet special Turkey and Roasted Beef, alongside with the seafood platter and variety of cakes to suit the occasion.

Turkey was good, not too tough as how we know turkeys have really tough meat. I was able to chew it easily without feeling too dry nor have a hard time to swallow. The tip to eating a turkey is to have it in small bits and yummy sauce dipping. Which they did provide 3 types of sauces for your choosing.

The roasted beef was pretty good too, it was medium done here making it not too hard to chew but not that easy too. In between, but I like this kind of texture because if it's a little bit more cooked, the meat will be slightly tougher.

The seafood was fresh and served chilled on a tray of ice. Makes you feel like you're in the icy cold winter on Christmas Eve (like in the movies because Malaysia has no winter nor snow).

And their cakes were an array of sight and wonder, with so many variety, if you're a cake lover you would probably want to check this place out.

The local food here to my surprise was a real pleasure to indulge in. Even my husband compliments that their Asian dishes had a very flavorful and fragrant scent to each dish.

My favourite is the rendang with fried rice. It was just perfect!

They also serve soup noodles if you like something hot and soupy.

The ABC here was very lightly sweetened because my husband didn't add condensed milk so it was more like a syrup ice shaving than an ABC per say.

But it was good, my kids love it because it was not sweet, tastes of the pure syrup in ice.

Overall it's a great place to come over with family and friends for gatherings as you get to enjoy their Christmas decorations and variety of buffet spread here at :

The Summit Hotel - Oceania Cafe 
Address : Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1
47600 UEP Subang Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Contact them to make a booking for large groups here
Tel : +603 8023 3000 
Toll Free : 1800 88 SUMMIT (786648)

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