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Wednesday 12 December 2018

A Motherhood Journey With Mamaway

Motherhood is not an easy journey especially when you don't have the right support! And what support am I talking about?

Emotional, Physical and Mental support, may it be from family, friends and even the products that we use must have the same equal amount of support that will support us throughout our motherhood journey.

As a breastfeeding mom of 2, I breastfed my eldest until he was 3 year old, just weaned him off early this year. And am still breastfeeding my youngest who just turned 2 years old. As a breastfeeding mom, it is important to have a good set of products to support us throughout this journey together.

Along my motherhood journey, I realized that it's not just the nursing bra that is important to have. I always invest in nursing bras during the day especially for going outdoors, but I've never really looked into a good nursing bra for sleeping time or for home wear.

This Mamaway Crossover Maternity/Nursing Bra actually fits really comfortably to my size (it has different size accordingly based on their size chart) and it's very soft on the skin especially good for sleeping too.

Because breastfeeding moms needs to breastfeed their lil ones during sleep sideways. So it's good to have a good nursing bra to feed your lil one easily without having to fasten and unfasten either side of the bra just to nurse.

You can also use this during the day, just add a bra pad in the pockets inside.

And the Mamaway Instant Dry Disposable Breast Pads is my newfound favourite too. Because of the instant dry technology, it doesn't irritates my skin. Some breast pads I used to use 4 years ago when I started breastfeeding gave me quite an unpleasant and they're supposingly from really expensive brands. I believe good absorption is important whilst keeping the skin dry, because our breastmilk is naturally sweet and it can get quite uncomfortable if the breast pads don't absorb it good enough and it's cold and wet to touch on surface. This can really cause your skin around your areola to itch! This was what I experienced before. Hence, a good disposable breast pad is crucial!

The adhesive of the disposable breast pads must also be strong enough but not too strong to be placed in your nursing bra. Strong enough to stick through the whole day without falling off easily and losing it's stickiness after awhile and not too strong to have it ripped apart when you want to remove it. So a good adhesive is important.

Now I can breastfeed comfortably with a proper nursing support bra that I can sleep with too because of it's soft material!

Since it's Christmas, time to shop and enjoy this discount and start your breastfeeding journey right this time! Now you can also enjoy a special discount when you order your Mamaway products with this code :

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