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Tuesday 11 December 2018

Murad Soothing & Hydrating Facial Treatment | Da:Men USJ

Beauty care nowadays there's aplenty to go for but how do you know if its right for you? Especially if you're super lazy and love someone else to do it for you, the best place to go to is a facial salon to get your facial treatment and pamper your skin.

Today I got myself a facial treatment at one of Dr. Murad's beauty facial salon in Da:Men mall in USJ, Subang Jaya.

It was not easy to get a reservation as it is fully booked, however, I manage to get a slot just in time before Christmas.

I wanted to try the Vitamin-C facial treatment, but after doing a quick skin test, I actually require a soothing and hydration treatment for my skin instead. This was also because the beauty consultant, Elly, was really good at explaining to me about my skin condition and which treatment that will be best suited and recommended for my skin type.

To be honest, I was really happy with my skin result and I know it's going to get way better because I did a test in August and I remembered the facial salon then, told me I had lots of wrinkle and fine lines all over my face, my pores on my nose was alarming and I had alot of oils stuck in my pores which causes frequent breakouts and scars. The only product I bought after that was one specific product that I am using once in awhile to remove makeup or to just cleanse my face when I'm not too lazy which I'll share later.

Fine Lines (90% improvement from the last time I scanned in August at another facial saloon)

So this was my skin result test at Murad, and I left with only very few fine lines but if compared to August back then, it was a huge 90% improvement! I told Elly, that my skin used to be worst than this! It was also because I recovered from Shingles earlier this year. So I knew my skin health is deteriorating and I had to do something about it!

Pores, much much smaller especially at my nose area, there was lots of big huge pores at my nose area and near the nose too back in August 2018, but now it has improved so so much!
Even the pores were not alarming anymore, there were still some pores but it was not as huge as it was before!

My skin was still dry at some parts and oily at some parts, I admit I skip alot on masking my face frequently as I should (as advised before this).

The inflammation area, sensitive area is not so prominent anymore! Means great improvement for me and in fact, nothing major to highlight because it's not too serious. My skin health definitely improved!

It was about an hour or so for the facial treatment and it was quite pleasant too! Although, it was kind of painful at some parts especially when Elly attempted to remove the head from my acne. But I like it because it did not swell or scar badly after the treatment, in fact my face felt smooth afterwards.

I must also note that during the facial treatment, there was a steam heat air that is directed at your face to help open the pores and feels really relaxing on your skin. It's like having a facial sauna.

It was a good facial treatment to have! Especially if you need to get those stubborn heads off those stubborn acne.

And after the treatment, you also have a choice to purchase a set of the products back home to use daily. The only thing different is there isn't anyone that can do it for you at home.

This combination is perfect for my skin type for "Day Use"
This combination is perfect for my skin type for "Night Use"

So if you're really looking for a good facial salon to do a deep thorough cleansing of your face once then you should check Murad out.

We also received some samples for us to bring home to try before we buy.

For more info :
Murad Malaysia

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