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Sunday 2 December 2018

Farm In The City Malaysia School Holiday Activity

Over the weekend of the first week of school holidays, we took our kids to Farm In The City in Selangor. A place where we have heard many parents and even kids share their excitement about while visiting the venue.

And after a long wait, as it was on our bucket list on places to visit with the kids, we were glad that we could finally arrange a time to come and spend time together as a family.

It's actually not too far from where we live. In fact a mere 18 minutes away. It's definitely reachable with vehicle or public transportation like Grab.

Farm In The City is an eden of nature and animals that is now a pretty good know tourist attraction amongst the locals with its addition role in nature and wildlife research and conservation. Managed by a team of professionals, you will be amazed with its setting inside where you will be in touch upclose and personal with wildlife and nature.

The entrance was not too hard to spot, although parking was limited infront of the entrance but there was still spots outside that you can park or even along the road as guided by a parking road attendant at the gate. You can also park at the newly developed shoplots opposite Farm In The City.

At the entrance, infront of the souvenir store, there's a huge family photo board where you can pop your head over and snap a photo with your favourite animals. There's also some nice backdrop for some selfie moments and a cool car out at the yard with the "I love Farm In The City" expression painted on the body of the vehicle.

Incase you're wondering, you have to enter the souvenir shop first, only then you will be taken to another area where you can play games like hopscotch, bowling with coconuts, bubbles, kiddie rides or even sand art.

As you proceed further along the path, there's a bird house with all the birds hanging around the pathways and ledges.

And right before the entrance, there is an Mmbek House where you can see lambs and chickens.

Just as we entered the entrance, to the left is the ticket counter.

Right next to the ticket counter they have a pop up stall that sells a bucket of food for feeding the animals for RM10. You can get them there before entering or you can also enter and get them when you see it.

If you choose not to get it, they also have many dispensing machines all around the farm that charges you RM2 per box of one type of feed (eg. Hay, Seeds, etc).

At some areas when you don't have any feed on hand with you, you can also see if there's any staff nearby holding a bunch of green vegetable leaves for the animals that you can also feed with, but you'll probably only get 1 piece of feed just for the fun of it.

To enter, you must show your tickets at the staircase near the ticket counter, but if you brought a stroller (like me), we had to pass the food court to another pathway to enter the farm. So we decided to stop by for lunch. Their nasi goreng set for 4 pax is really yummy in generous portion!

Upon entering, you will see a beautiful array of Parrots on display. All alive and healthy and some pretty NAUGHTY! One of it allowed me to pat him for awhile before it tried to bite my fingers as I was stroking it. Then later on I found out, it was stalking me into the exhibition hall away from it's resting area.

As I was busy trying to figure out what animal is this because it was so cute and cuddly; My husband told me there's a bird following me...

I turned around to see this......... 
It eventually walked back as some kids were amused by it and distracted it from me as I walked away from its sight.

There were a few animals at the Exhibition area, including petting a real snack. It was my first time and the skin was really smooth and hard. Not too scaly because the snake just had a new change of skin recently so it can't be picked up also (thankfully!!). The Fox was really cute too!

The exhibition area was right next to the Moon lake where my son got to see a real live Swan!

We then entered the Twilight creature area and I got to see a beautiful owl that was sleeping on the tree. After this area was another area where it is also closed up and had to enter/exit through the door. This second area, my son finally had the courage to walk in together with us. It was his favourite place I would say, because he fed a beautiful deer and saw some chickens walking past us. The porcupines were sleeping in their barks.

The next area we ventured together is the most fluffiest area ever! The bunnies and hamster were so fluffy! But they really put up a fight if you would want to carry them. A bunny scratched me in an attempt to escape. Been awhile since I last carried a bunny after taking care of these breed during my childhood days. But they were quite elated to continue feeding on the carrots we brought for them because everyone was feeding them. Just outside surrounding this area, your child can try to catch some longkang fish aka guppy fish but they had to put it back where it belong, it's just the enjoyment of it that's all.

The lake area is the best, you get to see all the Koi fish and feed them. It's truly a sight to be mesmerized at.

I really love how at most area, you will be able to find a place to wash your hands easily, especially after petting or feeding the animals in the farm.

We entered back into the exhibition area and manage to capture this video.

We thought it was the end of the journey inside Farm In The City, but it wasn't! We have only ventured on the right side of Farm In The City, so as we were headed back out, we realized we can venture to the left side too!

Along the way, we stopped at this area where we got to see the funny actions of the Meerkat! They kept looking up standing on two feet looking at us like we're some kinda alien or something. But it's a funny sight to see.

We then entered the Turtle & Tortoise Farm. And manage to grab a selfie with the tortoise who kinda followed me for awhile, and tried to come near my hair... Maybe he thought my hair is food (hay)...

After this farm it was the Reptile area that is kind of creepy and cold but luckily it's not completely open and glassed up.

We then entered this Bird Aviary area with all the birds walking around freely together, this shows birds can co-exist with humans.

This is definitely the most unforgettable experience in Farm In The City, that RM10 bucket of food would be a HIT over here! The 3 sheep followed me around, 1 of them attempted to jump on me to push me down so that he can grab all the food for himself. Even the deer had no chance for me to feed them. I did manage to feed the beautiful Alpaca too, and I bet if it was outside the gates, it will probably jumped on me too. So please don't let your child hold the food when you enter this area because the sheeps here will CHASE and do whatever it takes to get what they want. My shirt had 3 hooves print, no thanks to the sheep's here...

Upon leaving the Farm, you will have to exit the same entrance you can in from, where you can shop for souvenirs and gifts or memorabilia for your loved ones! There's also drinks, t-shirts, toys, portable fan, mosquito repellents of a variety and various animal toy figurines and more. 

With that, I hope you've enjoyed reading this as I how I enjoyed sharing my experience in Farm In The City with my family! So do plan ahead to come by with your family this year end school holidays!

For more info visit :
Farm In The City

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