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Thursday 6 December 2018

Kiper Collaboration with Master Chris Leong

Am sure many of you have heard of Master Chris Leong or also known as Master Dato Chris Leong from Malaysia. He has travelled the world to help many people with body aches and sprains. His technique of bone setting is truly amusing because of his jovial and funny character, and his skills is really amazing because I had the honour to get my bones set by him today for a brief few moments.

Today was a really insightful event where Master Chris Leong collaborates with Kiper on endorsing Kiper's latest launch of their Lower Back and Shoulder belt support that is currently now open for pre-order and is already in their 4th batch of pre-orders (if not mistaken).

What so special about this support belt set is that it can help more people to correct their posture on a daily basis especially while seated.

Looking at the infographic found on Google can be really frightening at times. But we are more aware of our own situation more than anyone.

Ponder to yourself this question, how long do you spend seated down in a day?

They say that sitting too long is actually a disease! And it's bad for your health, bad for your body's blood circulation! Read this infographic to know why!

But with that in mind, I'm sure sometimes your office or your colleagues and friends will also encourage you to stand up, stay active and do activities such as the below;

But how many of you can actually stick through this everyday for the rest of your lives or working lives. Some are afraid of their boss may complain them too. When you walk too much it shows you are "free" nothing to do. A very sad mentality in the corporate office.

But now with Kiper, it may somehow save more lives when you look at it. And today Master Chris shared some of the ways that you can exercise with the Kiper on while you are seated. So it can be done at home while watching TV, on your computer, playing games or even when you're in the public transportation like Grab/LRT etc, AND especially perfect in the office at your own desk.

It may look weird but atleast it's for your own health. And inside each set, comes with a booklet of 9 ways you can exercise with the Kiper Lower Back Brace & Shoulder Corrector to strengthen your back and shoulder muscle.

I tried it and took a before after using it, and it really made a difference. I can actually feel my lower back straightened and my shoulder corrected, definitely prevented me from hunching my back automatically like I used to. However after using for a while, it did feel slightly uncomfortable because it's correcting my body posture.

A good body posture can do help in so many ways that you can never imagine! Some pain in your body may even stem from a bad body posture that has run out of alignment.

And of course if your body posture, the bones setting has run out of alignment and even Kiper can't help much, then you should come by CLM branches by Master Chris Leong and get your bones set back to its proper position by their trained bone setters.

Today my bone setter came all the way from Bali!

Remember to watch until the end, because there's stretching tips from my bone setting specialist.
It's actually quite relaxing right after the session because you can feel your whole body loosen up and not so intense. Mine was quite intense because after the session, I felt pain in my legs and arms because my muscle is too tight, so after it loosen up, it starts to go back into position and contracts fast which caused the stretching pain, my body is actually telling me its tired, which I am aware of it. But after finding the right products recently for my health and now with Kiper, I'm looking forward to a better healthier stronger me!

I must highlight that this product is seriously good for moms who breastfeed! I tried using this while breastfeeding my youngest and the lower back support was amazing! It's like seating on a gym ball but with added support as you won't fall back or hunch your back because your knee is support the belt and keeping your lower back straight. The best part, it makes every chair you sit on ergonomic. Incase, you didn't know, breastfeeding can keep you seated for a long long time and if you were seated on a soft sofa, your lower back is gonna ache like hell. That's why, gentle birthing/hypnobirthing support teaches us to sit on hard surface or bouncing ball to support our posture properly. Now with this, I can sit on my sofa and have my body posture in proper position without slouching overtime because carrying a baby while breastfeeding, the weight will pull you down eventually.

Kiper 60 Days Upgrade (Lower Back Brace Treatment) RM260

And if you really hut your lower back, there's also a warm/cold gel pack that is made to be fitted into the back pocket after heating it up in the microwave or in hot boiling water for a few minutes. It has to be hot to touch but not piping hot (that you can't touch) it's to heat it up not cook the gel, so that when you put on the lower back brace, you actually can feel the warmth spread and soothe your aching lower back. It's quite soothing to be honest.

For the price of RM149 for a set of Kiper Premium Support at
Kiper Malaysia

Make an appointment for a bone setter to help you today at
Chris Leong Method Tit Tar (CLMethod)

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