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Thursday 20 December 2018

MMSOS to the rescue Malaysia!

Have you share about the latest app that's currently trending amongst Malaysians?

If you have not heard of it, you have no idea what you're missing out on! Because MMSOS is an application where you install on your device that keeps you safe and secure wherever you are.

It has a "Panic Button" function built-in to the app, where with a touch of the button, it activates an alarming sound that creates attention from people near and far! That's better than pepper spray.

The first app in Malaysia that incorporates help from your local police, firemen, hospitals, ambulance, clinic assistance, reporting a crime, counseling and even motor assist especially if you encounter any mishaps on the road (car stuck, etc)

MMSOS has their own dedicated team that also provides the basic security assistance that will come to your aid quickly! They work 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days the whole year. Everything is as easy as a click of a button and help will be on its way and you can even see how long you would have to wait for help to come. This is crucial especially in emergency situations!

All you have to do is download the app on your device, as easy as that. It is free to download here and free to use the panic button function and some basic contact you can access immediately.

However if you go on the full membership that will only cost you RM1 a day, you will gain so so much more! Totally worth the value!

Benefits of MMSOS membership :
1. Free Personal Accident Insurance valued up to RM50,000
2. Free medical check up worth RM365
3. Up to 70% discount for "Car Tinted" service
4. Up to 40% discount on Marina Island (all in one package for 2, 3D2N + dining)
5. "Special rate" to renew your road tax
6. "Special rate" to service your vehicle
7. Ambulance fees
8. Free towing services

With so many benefits and quick and easy access to local law enforcements and assistance, this is definitely the app to have in every smartphone!

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