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Monday 24 December 2018

Huggies Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants Malaysia

Huggies Malaysia has done it again this time! Now with its Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants, its gonna create a lot of happy toddlers and moms everywhere!

Let's take you back to basics, when your lil one starts to crawl and eventually starts walking and running, it will be impossible to get them to lay down on a changing mat without moving while you change their diapers.

Usually this is the best stage to transition them to a diaper pants pull-up instead. Saves time, effort and keeps you sane! However, with all the technologies evolving around tape diapers, it seems likes pants diapers were kinda left behind.

Not until now! Huggies Malaysia has launched the fastest absorbing diaper PANTS! This is the best news ever, because as a mom of 2 boys who goes wild around the house, running everywhere, climbing anywhere and just always on-the-go, their pants diaper fills up pretty quick.

My eldest is off the pants diaper during the day but still insists to put on diaper pants at night. And at his age, the pants gets filled up pretty quick because he is a growing child. The same for my youngest boy.

But knowing that the Huggies Diaper Pants can now absorb super quick and efficient, this would be that chances of leaking is lesser when compared.

This is because it has 1,000 fast absorbing micro holes using their Rapid Absorb Technology that not only provides instant absorption faster than any other diaper pants in Malaysia, but also locks wetness in which keeps baby's skin dry and comfortable!

Another reason why I love this new feature of the Huggies Diaper Pants, is the 5-way comfort fit. The common diaper pants out there truly lacks in a comfortable fit, some parts fit just perfectly but the thigh areas may be too tight, this happened to my boys. And finally now, my boys won't have to suffer from an uncomfortable fit no more! Because the 5-way comfort fit Huggies Diaper Pants provide, really emphasizes on ensuring that the waist at tummy, waist at back, both legs and crotch area are specially designed with an enhanced stretch and elasticity.

So if you've yet to check this out for your lil ones, what are you waiting for? You can also grab them on Lazada!

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  1. finally i have found the best diaper for my baby, sure no rashes and no leaking


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