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Sunday 1 November 2015

M Cafe by Meesha Sukira @ Bukit Damansara

Since 2013, M Cafe by Meesha Sukira owned by 2 owners, Michelle & Marina, introduces cultural heritage food & fashion to the youth. M Cafe serves home cook Malaysian food that has a very authentic and unique flavours and most of the recipes are from one of the owner’s mom. So whatever you try here definitely makes you feel like home.

The captivating entrance
M Cafe which is also an ideal place for private events, celebrations, functions and etc. The cafe's seating capacity indoor is up to 50 pax and outdoors up to 16 pax. You can even consider this place for a buffet function or product launching too.

The decorations inside M Cafe are beautiful! Each design a state-of-the-art, the batik designs, colors and patterns all brought to life surrounding the atmosphere. Very warm, welcoming and it just feels like stepping into your own home when dining here. (The hosts here are super duper warm and friendly!!)

We ventured upstairs to the 2nd floor to explore the beautiful batik awaiting us. Read more here.

Foods & Drinks at M Cafe is satisfying!

Ginger + Red Dates drink is just nice, not too sweet and this reminds me of my confinement drink (missing dried longan). However, it's really yummy! Ginger helps in indigestion and dispels wind, btw! Red dates has so many benefits but the main benefit (for nursing moms like me) is it helps to boost my milk production!! So yes, I love love love this drink!!
Honey Lemongrass tastes refreshing and cooling, especially in our hot and humid weather. This is a definite thirst-quencher anytime!

Ribena Lychee, yes, it looks and sounds ordinary however, don't you know that the mixing is very crucial! Sometimes it's either too sweet or too bland! But this was just nice. Yummy!!

Apple Cinnamon Honey Tea, this was recommended by Moriah (1 of the owner's sister). She introduced this to us by sharing her story on how she came about this drink while she was in the middle east country. It's a rare find or a hidden gem in Malaysia because I've personally never heard or seen this tea before. I'd highly recommend this tea, try it atleast once, you won't regret! Can get addictive too hehe (I'm thirsty for a cup as I'm typing now....yikes...). Nevertheless, I did some searching and found that this is a really good drink that helps as a Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Stabilizer, provides Vitamin B-6 & Fiber Support and with the honey mixture it makes this drink a natural antibiotic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory remedy tea AND a thirst-quencher... (hehe)

Sambal Fish Salad, a unique fusion mix that is a really good starter to begin with! This dish introduced by Moriah, also tells a story of her adventures in Mount Murud, Sarawak; Where she went on a journey to climb up the mountain and they had to prepacked food to survive in the mountains. One of them is the sambal ikan where they will eat that for the next few days as their main meal up in Mount Murud. That was how the sambal fish came along (made with ikan kembong, de-boning the fish is no easy task FYI). Then there is the lettuce wrap concept that is a tradition in Chinese (especially Hokkien), the "Jiu Hu Char" (Stir Fry Jicama & Cuttlefish) wrapped with lettuce is a must-have dish that is prepared for all festivals. Also, the apples are known to reduce the spiciness flavor that Moriah found out from a friend who came back from Czech Republic. The other ingredients here, needless to say are a mix fusion of Asian cuisine. Mix them all together and wrapped them up, you can taste the flavour exploring in your tastebuds. The zesty lime, the spiciness, that sweet apple, nutty nuts, sweet tomatoes, fragrant onions and most importantly that sambal fish! Definitely a great starter to have! MUST-ORDER!

Prawn Fritters/Cucur Udang also as a starter. Very crunchy, not your ordinary cucur udang bought off the shelfs. This is really homemade. Big fresh prawns and fragrant!

Main Course(s)
Fried Chicken Salted Egg is a signature dish here. A MUST-TRY! Taste good, mix them up with the blended chili and you're in for a ride! One of the owner's mom made the chili, apparently it's a home recipe that's been around for quite sometime! (I can't tahan spicy but this one really got the "oomph")

Hainanese Chicken Chop, the sauce taste just right! Not too sweet, just the way I like it! The veggie is steamed/boiled but with a lil bit of salt it'll be better (like sauteed). The fries also needs a pinch of salt. But if you dip them into the hainanese sauce or the ketchup/chilli then you don't need salt (hehe). Chicken cooked just right for it's texture.

Nasi Lemak Crispy Fried Chicken, the chicken is served hot, tasty and juicy! The nasi lemak did lack abit of fragrance in the rice but overall this dish is good enough to satisfy my hunger. My hubby did commented that the sambal could use an extra punch of spiciness... It was just right for me la (cos I cannot tahan spicy~ again)

Mee Celup, a new dish that will be on the menu from Nov 2015 onwards. This is one special dish that has a very unique combination of bean sprouts, beef, chilli flakes, broth, boodle and lime. Squeeze the lime in it and mix them all up. Tastes different. New different. It's an authentic dish introduced from Kelantan and improvised by M Cafe.

Nyonya Curry Laksa, Penang style improvised by M Cafe. Very thick broth! Generous servings of ingredients and my husband love love love it! The best laksa he has eaten by far! My hubby who rare has any "favourite" food in particular, loves this so much (he wanted to order second round) means it's definitely a MUST-ORDER lah! This will also be available from Nov 2015 onwards.

Beef Fried Rice, looks ordinary, tastes good and best of all, the beef is fresh and no strong beefy taste/smell. A comfort food anytime! Add a sunny side-up and it'll be perfect!

Yellow Curry Chicken + White Rice, this is a MUST-TRY also! The yellow curry chicken is not so spicy but just right. Got potato and chicken inside also. But the curry really sedap! I almost wanted to lick the bowl dry but cannot la... (paiseh....shy...)

Chocolate Lava, ever heard the phrase "Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts". Chocolate helps reduce stress so please order one of this when you're here. Because the chocolate just melts in your mouth warm and that ice cream cold!! Warm & Cold!! I leave the imagination to you. (Drooling over my keyboard...)

Me & my family (my hubby & baby) stayed back to grab our dinner here. We would love to come back again with our family members. Thanks for having us!

Address : 47 Jalan Medan Setia, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 03-2095 9088
Opening Hours : Mon-Fri (7.30am - 10.00pm), Sat (10.30am - 10.00pm)


  1. Prawn fritters look tempting and chrunchy. Will drop by there this weekend to try it out.

  2. this place food menu so unique! lpve the fact they serve apple cinnamon honey tea.

  3. I have not been here before. The Nyonya Curry Laksa looks delicious.

  4. Apple cinnamon tu rasanya that one bukan cinnamon but acacia hehe still family la corak batik dia menarik

  5. wow so nice the place to hangout and eat.

    Love to try the food soon, as need tell dear how to go he seldom go this area.

  6. OH the place looks very comfy and cozy. No wonder you stayed back there to grab dinner haha. I would love to pay this place a visit and cover it hehe.

  7. Definitely love the pretty ambience with batik prints... and all.... and with good food it would be a lovely place to visit for sure...

  8. The Mee Celup is something that i wish to try there.

  9. I wish to try the Mee Celup. I look special to me.

  10. I always love the concept of food meets fashion, there should be a cafe like this in every boutique

  11. I love their sambal fish salad, simply amazing :)


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