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Sunday 1 November 2015

Batik @ M Cafe by Meesha Sukira

Meesha Sukira batik, located on the 2nd floor of M cafe by Meesha Sukira. 

As we climbed up the stairs to the 2nd floor,
more photo frames of beautiful art and colors and a mannequin wearing a batik outfit welcoming us. The comfy sofa welcomed us immediately as we stepped into the 1st floor area. It was like a mezzanine floor as we can actually watch people entering the entrance downstairs. The batik here are all beautifully handwoven to perfection. Quality is really soft and smooth. Brilliant colors!! If you love batik then please come by, this place is like a batik heaven!!

They have everything from head to toe made out of batik. You do not get this anywhere! Great for souvenirs & gifts too.

The 1st room on the right side is like a huge walk-in wardrobe! This is where you get to try all those batik and find the right fit for you and your family! There's also batik for the guys too!

The 2nd room on the left side is another walk-in wardrobe! More dresses, accessories and shoes!

See those bags, boots, high heels!, even the blouse is lovely!!! If you're a true batik lover, you will learn that the price will not matter. It is the attention to detail on how it has been produced and one does not simply find duplicates of the same pattern "anywhere". That is how special and unique these batiks are.

This tag explains it all! 

"A cultural treasure for contemporary society."

Time for shopping!

Find out more here.


  1. My mum would love this! Seems like a good place to get a Christmas gift for her.

  2. I love how personalised the cafe is. Its like a shopping while dining kind of concept :)


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