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Saturday 28 November 2015

First London Street Family Park by The Parenthood

A day out in the mall seems like any other weekends every family has gone through. What about a day in London Street, a family-friendly park that caters for you, your family AND especially the kids?!

The Parenthood proudly presents the FIRST London Street Family Park in KL (Malaysia)!
Suitable for everyone, especially if you're expecting or you have a bunch of kids with a burst of energy just running wild around the house. Bring them over here to Learn, Play, Enjoy and Enrich all under one roof!

We were here on time for the Blogger's Conference Launch. So we manage to visit all the retail outlets here that was simply amazing! My baby was the happiest Lil Champion, he was in awe and kept pointing everywhere. Lots of colors, beautiful design structures, a big red solid London bus "mockup" at the entrance, The Big Ben clock (though it was quite short hehe almost missed it). The layout was very interesting that it sparked my curiosity to find out "What's next?" I felt like I was the child instead lolx... It was just so much fun! 

The first outlet on the right side, facing the entrance, that you won't miss is the Pigeon outlet. This is one outlet I will highly recommend all pregnant mothers to visit. You can make an appointment with the Pigeon Breastfeeding counsellors over here or you can even get your breast pump serviced here too! On the left side, facing the entrance, there's the Simple-Dimple outlet that is one of the first in Malaysia to sell only Simple-Dimple products like those cute lil diaper bags etc. And then there is the Craft Space where kids can explore their creativity in DIY arts + craft.

Follow along the London street on the right (behind Pigeon outlet) is Pureen outlet. This is my favorite outlet! It's not easy to find a Pureen retail in KL! I usually grab the Pureen wet wipes because it's suitable for my Lil Champion's skin & it's affordable!

Then there's the Grolier outlet where you can let your child explore with the educational digital technology that can be fun & exciting at the same time educational (logical, english, thinkers, etc) for your child development. The consultant at Grolier are trained to assess your child after trying out a few samples and recommend the right materials or programs/packages for them. The SPM Games is just next door and it offers a wide variety of family fun & educational board games!

Next up is the CEO outlet where you can rent cute costumes for your lil darlings. So for costume parties, Halloween, Xmas or CNY you'll know where to go to get those outfits.

Did we mention the Faber-Castell outlet is super cool! You can check out all the range of colours available water-colours too! Your kids can even get comfy and doodle away at the outlet.

As we move along, there's this Toys outlet that has a mixture of baby & kids sensory toys. Then there's the Mom & Baby Care outlet where they sell products related to expecting moms and also for pre & post-natal and also products suitable for baby/kids such as swimming and etc

Then there's A Beauty Secret Studio where you can get your manicure, pedicure, hair makeover and even facial for you and for your kids too. Theres an opening offer now, kids below 5 year old gets a free haircut (in a vintage toy car chair)!

If you're planning a party (up to 60 pax) and have nowhere to turn to, check out the party room (that converts into an enrichment classroom when not in used for parties) with the My Kingdom play area (attached to the party room). 

There's even a Balloon Wonderland outlet nearby where you can get your party supply decos or custom balloon decorations & the Obon's Toyshop outlet where you can get party packs, gifts or those figurine toy collection items.

The Toy DNA outlet also has lots of super awesome DIY indoor planting stuffs that you & your kids will enjoy (especially the growing the tomato & eating it once it's full-grown).

RM40 each

Facing the party room is the Lillipilli Cafe;

That caters good food to parties, healthy food for kids and apparently serves the best "Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken". Must try this someday!

Inside My Kingdom playground by The Parenthood is pretty huge, lots of fun activities for the kids, slides, wall climbing, push cart, spirals, monkey bars, playground filled with colorful balls and even PlayStation at the side. You can "drop (ur kids) & shop" around the area, or u can have a decent meal at the Lillipilli cafe and view the CCTV footage (covering the kids play area) right in front of the cafe, that's extra security for you to watch over your kids while you eat in peace.

What I like about My Kingdom playground by The Parenthood is the security tag. Apparently every family are given a hand tag upon entering. This is to ensure that NO kid runs out of the play area "without" their real parents escorting them out. This is to prevent kidnapping or lost kids! A good effort to this security system. The tag has a code that links to the parents, both parents and kids must go out together and both tags MUST match.

Safety first!

Oh, also there's a ZooMoo booth right outside Lillipod Cafe. If you have Astro (CH 619) then you can download this ZooMoo app and then go to this booth to download new animals for the zoo or play games here.

If you have a teenager, the Impulse Gaming outlet will be the best place to be. I may not be a teenager though I'm in my late 20s but my love for gaming is still somewhere in me.
(The Sims 4.........NDS........ PS4..... )

Ok moving on, the YippieAiAi outlet! This is really important! Because when your kids starts preschool you'll need to print lots of stickers and labels for all of your kids stuffs. You don't have a choice (unless you homeschool them) or you don't mind spending money buying repeated lost items over and over again. You can even print namecards here... (Hmmm I think I need to get mine printed soon)

Next is the 15eleven outlet, a very unique retail concept where you can get a variety design of face masks & umbrellas! Very very unique.

There's this 2 booth that sells assorted toys and accessories.

These 2 phone booths here will be ATM Machines inside! Yaaay for the kids! (Sobs for the parents, lolx!)

Then finally, the baby room! Can fit 2 nursing moms & 2 baby. There's 2 comfy chairs, 2 diaper station and a table with Pigeon's products like bottle warmer and etc.

The WIO fitness room is just right inside at the corner. They have packages for post-natal moms too! A great way to workout after confinement to get back in shape & stay healthy.

The first Sylvanian family retail outlet! This is the cutest outlet even my baby loves the bunny so much, keeps pointing at it and saying "see"...

That's not all, on the further right side corner of the entrance there's a Combi outlet for strollers, prams & carseats, a Hoverboard outlet the new moving device for lazy people like me that is super cool! (That's me testing it out, and I learn quick ahahaha!!) There's a Feeding outlet to get all your baby's feeding supplies and tools and other play materials like playmats etc and a longer stretch of outlet with mixture of brands like Hape toys and etc.

This canvas art booth is really interesting too! Near the Big Ben clock/Christmas tree. U paint according to the numbering. Very DIY-friendly.

We truly had fun at this indoor park located in the hearts of KL; That provides an interactive quality bonding & progressive learning platform between parents, babies, toddlers and kids. The Family Park’s design structures mirrors the London streets and its architecture, showcases London flags, mail boxes and a miniature London bus on display. Now even with Christmas around the corner, this place is truly amazing!

A one-stop solution provider, the Family Park provides 4 major aspects for both parents & children:

1. Relaxation & Leisure – saloon, facial, massage, pedicure and manicure for both parents and kids, fitness centre equipped with power plates and exercise props for parents.

2. Educational & play - themed playground, workshops, enrichment activities (Parents can attend the classes with children)

3. Shopping - well known and good quality products for mothers and babies/toddlers/kids (necessities, stationery, games, toys, hobbies, collectibles) and services for mothers and babies/toddlers/kids

4. Cafes - cartoon cafe and healthy food (TV screens opposite one of the café for parents to watch the kids in the playground while dining in)

5. Others - Other services include “Drop & Shop” (for toddlers/kids of 4 years and above), organizing birthday parties and many more.

Mr. Leroy Lee (CEO of The Parenthood)

Explains the concept of this family street park and the ideas and future plans already set-in-motion. There are up to 33 retail lots setup in this family park and they have been awarded as the "First Family Parenting Park with Retail Outlets" by the Malaysian Book of Records!

And that's not all!! They are in the midst of preparing for the next phase set to be located on the "entire" 1st floor of Sunway Pyramid (Phase 3 building) expected April 2016! And they will bring in the "real" London bus from London (abuden?! where else... lolx) Truly amazing!!

Drop by this weekend for the 
on the 5th December 2015!
(Psst! I heard that there's gonna be Drypers, Pet Pet & other baby products & diaper sale on the 5th & 6th Dec 2015!)

Credits to MIPC Facebook Event
If you would like to find out more about The Parenthood and what offers they will be running from time-to-time of what events or activities that you and your family might be interested in, feel free to check them out at :

The Parenthood’s Facebook:
The Parenthood’s website:

The Facebook page of My Kingdom themed playground by The Parenthood:

Address : The Parenthood, Level 2, Sunway Putra Mall, 100, Jalan Putra, Chow Kit, 50350 Kuala Lumpur (formerly The Mall, opposite Pan Pacific Hotel/PWTC on Jalan Putra)
Contact No. : +603-40503808 | +60173838345
Operation Hours : 10:00am - 10:00pm (Monday - Sunday)


  1. Wah looks like you had a good time there! Love the fact that it has so many things under one roof. Good place to be for couples or even families :)

  2. Went sunway putra mall last weekend. Saw this shop but didn't walk in since we are not parents yet. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is nive. When i first read it, i thought this is sort of playground. But it is more than that. Great place for family outing

  4. Lots of items at promotional price. I got monopoly, scrabble and stationery for my Little Angels.

  5. You delivered such an impressive piece to read, giving every subject enlightenment for us to gain information. Thanks for sharing such information with us due to which my several concepts have been cleared. mommyblogger


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