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Saturday 28 November 2015

Capricciosa @ Sunway Putra Mall (Worthy Book)

Over the weekend after the blogger's launch event at The Parenthood in Sunway Putra Mall, I went to hunt for some quick bite because the refreshments at the event weren't enough, so I actually prepared beforehand, and used a sticky tab to label the page I would need to use.

Tagged pages that has an outlet in Sunway Putra Mall that I can easily flip to on-the-go.

I headed straight to Capricciosa to get a quick bite of pizza. 

Using the 50% discount Pizza voucher. The best part is the T&C does not limit me on Weekends nor Public Holidays!

So my drinks & food arrived...

The drink is super splendid! The zesty twist of sizzling lemon with lemongrass and the strawberry soda was really refreshing with a tinge of cool mint (mint leafs)!

The pizza is really crispy to the crust and very juicy and hot. I love it!

Up-close it's just lovely!! Fresh from the oven!

After that we called for the bill.

My total worthy savings for the day is RM8.95!
I'm so excited to see what's next on my menu right up till 2016!

Read up more on how much I have saved with this book!
Juice Works @ Tropicana City Mall

Visit their Facebook or Website for more info!


  1. I have tried their pizza before.
    Really yummy!

  2. Must be delicious. Looking forward to using my coupons too.

  3. I love Worthy Book! Its actually save alot when you use it. Love all the savings and discount they have =)

  4. i think worthy book has been getting lots of exposure lately.. good stuff!

  5. i finally managed to use my vouchers also, and after using it i felt good on the savings i made haha


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