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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Worthy Book Savings Aplenty!

Ever since GST kicked in along with the increase of petrol, toll, food and practically the cost of living in Malaysia has been a pretty tough economy to live in nowadays! Going overseas is a no-no! Currency conversion will kill u...

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But for the love of food, with the price I would need to pay; Yes! It is worth paying for, however, now it's even more worthy with this "Worthy Book"!

What am I talking about?

I can say goodbye to the rest of the month and say hello "PayDay" everyday with this book!!
I save alot and eat alot more!

U know how over in the states, they have a coupon system on spending (cut-out those coupons from the mags/newspapers). Well it's the similar concept except these are for fooooood in selected Restaurants/Cafes in Shopping Malls around Malaysia!

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You can grab this book at any MAJOR BOOKSTORES, 7 Eleven or at http://www.worthybook.sto.my/ for only RM29.90!

There's a total of 180 food vouchers of up to 155 outlets that mostly expires in Sept 2016!
All these vouchers can be redeemed over 100 shopping malls across Malaysia and features up to 44 brands of restaurants and F&B franchises in Malaysia (e.g. myBurgerLab, Sushi Tei, Carl’s Jr, Juice Works, BBQ Chicken, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks & so much more)

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Read up more on how much I have saved with this book!
Juice Works @ Tropicana City Mall

Visit their Facebook or Website for more info!


  1. we need this kind of discounts and vouchers. Why? Foreigner shop here like in heaven...our money is getting smaller.Worthy book is really worth it!

  2. so much vouchers! I think i should get one for myself! :P

  3. Hi dear I am using this book too. It does save quite a lot.

  4. I love this worthy book for Food also! Can get lots of savings and discount!


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