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Sunday 5 May 2019

The Champignons Cake Shop & Taste by Champignons Malaysia

Today I had the luxury to indulge in the latest cafe and cake shop at Eko Cheras Mall, Malaysia that I am very excited to share my personal thoughts about this place with you!

Taste by Champignons, is a new concept that emphasizes a more lifestyle and cosy cafe environment by Chef Gary Chang, the Winner of the Malaysian International Gastronomy Festival in 2018. It is a definitely a much different setting when compared with Champignons at Oasis that is more of a semi-fine dining and affordable gourmet French fusion. Taste by Champignons, is a lifestyle with a cosy warm environment where most Malaysians would definitely enjoy a cup of coffee with a beautiful slice of cake and a great place to hangout with family and friends and just chill over good food and beverages, even wine!

Their menu is pretty simple, yet, offers a good variety of options for foodie lovers like me. It's interior setting is really cosy and warm, makes you feel right at home. I can probably sit here for hours with my family and friends and just chillax.

On the menu, they have chef recommendations as well, and I definitely had to go for those! The pricing are really reasonable and affordable too, just like most cafe menus out there but you get quality ingredients, meal recipes created by a 5-star Quality Gourmet Chef! Your meals will definitely be worth value for money!

Their Forest Mushroom Soup with Garlic Croutons (RM12) soup is really appetizing. I love how the aroma of the wild mushroom really matches well with the garlic crouton. It was quite generous for its portion too, I couldn't finish it all on my own. My kids will surely love it to bits!

Spanish Pork Shoulder Loin (RM28) was definitely cooked to perfection for me. Because I am currently expecting, hence the pork was made well done just for me. However, the meat stayed tender and juicy even when it is fully cooked and it was really delicious at every bite! Sinking my teeth into this meat was heavenly and really fresh too!

The Truffle Demi Glaze Sauce also brought out a very sweet yet unique flavour to compliment the pork shoulder loin. My favourite is the mashed potatoes too! Mashed perfectly and fragrantly aromatizing at the same time creamy but not too overwhelming! I could definitely see myself coming back to order seconds of the mashed potato to pack-to-go/take-away.

Norwegian Salmon Fillet (RM30), hard to resist a good cut of salmon fillet that is fresh and delicious at the same time. It was drizzled with Lemon Butter sauce that truly brought the flavours up a notch! You can see from the photo that the salmon skin is perfectly grilled and crusted nicely.

I really enjoyed my meals but the best part is yet to come!

The Champignons Cake Shop is just next to Taste by Champignons, you can order lovely cakes that is made by the one and only Pastry Chef Kingsley Kwoh, whose passion stemmed from his mother who was an avid home baker and from a tender young age, Pastry Chef Kingsley made it his career specializing in Modern French Patisserie. With 10 over years of experience, his last tenure of 4 years was with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Macau and was under the tutelage of French Pastry Chef Sebastien Bernis before he left to join Chef Gary at Champignons.

I love how each cake is detailed and artistically created. It is truly too beautiful to eat! Although it may seem a little overwhelming in its colours and one may even wonder if it will be too sweet or too much cream or too filling to savour after a good meal at Taste. But rest assured, each cake brings out its own unique flavours that will make you wanting for more! It is light and refreshing to have on an empty or full stomach!

I personally had the chance to experience these fine flavours at a go with my husband! Such a bliss hehe!

Cherry (RM16 each)
Filled with Dark Chocolate Mousse, Chantilly Cream, Cherry Compote, Chocolate Sponge with a Crunchy Base and Biscuit. This tastes like a mini black forest cherry cake, the mousse wasn't too overwhelming, surprisingly, although it may sound and seem creamy but every bite makes you wanting for more!

Rosy (RM16 each)
Made out of Black Tea whipped Ganache, Raspberry confit and Raspberry, Genoise Sponge and Biscuit. This has a very unique taste of Raspberry to it. And raspberries are known to be kinda sour, but this one had its own uniqueness that although it does taste slightly sourish, it was also a little sweet and tingling on my tastebuds too. I like it!

Chocolate Hazelnut (RM16 each | Cake RM98)
With Dark Chocolate Mousse, Moist Chocolate Sponge Cake and Chocolate Glaze; This cake is to die for! I would get triple servings of this in a blink of an eye! It isn't too sweet, but the chocolatey mousse compliments perfectly to the fluffy and moist chocolatey sponge cake that is like a bite out of the clouds in heaven; The chocolate glaze was smooth and rich, that is for sure but I love the based! It has this crunchy base almost like a chocolate cereal bar hidden below that gives off a sweet yet salty kind of chocolatey surprise that just makes this whole cake worth every bite!

Elderflower (RM18 each | Cake RM108)
The beauty of this cake, is that it gives off a very good moral to learn and that is "One shall not judge by the book of its covers!"; We thought this was a probably a peachy blend with tea kind of fruit cake but we were so wrong! Made from Elderflower Mousse, Guava Compote, Strawberry & Pink Guava jelly with Vanilla Genoise and biscuit as its base. It's a fruity guava cake for sure! When we cut it up, it still looked like peach to me until we took a bite out of it and it was the best cake we have ever tasted in our entire lives! (The best for me for sure!) The Guava compote gave the cake a unique texture and a refreshing flavour of freshness and lightly sweetened aroma that actually complimented the Elderflower Mousse. Not one ingredient was too overwhelming for the other, it was like, it is meant to be made together. Definitely a MUST-HAVE!

Mango and Coconut Choux Puff (RM14 each)
This one really gave off a custard cream puff kind of look at first glance. But again, never ever judge the cakes here by its look! This is made with Mango Whipping cream, Mango jelly, Coconut Dacquoise, Coconut Cream and Almond Crumble. With the amount of cream, it may seem like its too much to handle after having a full meal here, but NO! It was light and fluffy enough, yet the mango and coconut was really well made together that it was really another fruity cake on its own. I love how the mango flavours were brought out in the cake too! Not to mention, the mango jelly that tastes almost surreal like eating real fresh mango meat cubes instead!

Strawberry Charlotte (RM16 each | Cake RM98)
Made out of Strawberry sponge, strawberry jelly, Chantilly cream and Fresh Strawberries; This is also another favourite of mine and I am sure my boys will love this as well! Any strawberry lover will go for this anytime! This Strawberry Charlotte looks and tastes as it is, slightly sweet, fragrant, light and fluffy.

Just writing about this post makes me crave for pastry now. Especially that lovely golden baked croissant! If you'd love to sink your teeth into heaven then come by for a visit, because you surely won't regret it! Your family and friends will thank you for this!

The Champignons Cake Shop
Address : Lot G32, Ground Floor, Eko Cheras Mall, Cheras, KL
Tel : 603-9134 9288
Opening Hours : Daily 10am to 10pm

Taste by Champignons
Address : Lot G31, Ground Floor, Eko Cheras Mall, Cheras, KL
Tel : 603-9134 9288
Opening Hours : Daily 10am to 10pm

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