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Wednesday 8 May 2019

PETPET New Improved Diaper Review

PETPET new improved diapers with its new improved design, features a non-woven fabric and absorbent material that is very soft to touch.

I managed to buy a pack to let my 2nd boy test out its quality because I want to know how far it is on par with today's trend in diaper technology on the 'Fast Dry' technology that includes a 360' AirThru system. This gives me the impression that it really focuses on keeping baby's skin comfortable and dry while gentle on their skin at the same time.

I would say that it can definitely last for up to 10-hours a day! Most diapers lasts a mere 4 to 6 hours and some lesser, however, its subject to age and situation too. My boy is already 2 plus this year, turning 3 years old in September, and his diapers get soiled pretty quick because of the amount of water he drinks in a day. Also it is now the hot season, hence he drinks even more fluid during the day.

But I noticed that even when it gets full, it doesn't leak or drops easily. In fact, he still looks comfortable in it and my mom even thought it was a new diaper because it was dry on the inside but already quite bulky. Their Newborn (NB) and S size doesn't have this 10-hours technology but it is still gentle to touch. This is also reasonable, because baby's and infant's at this young age tend to poo more frequent; Hence, it is best to get them changed frequently. So I may even consider this for my 2nd child that is on the way soon this end July 2019.

The fabric material is really strong as it doesn't break apart easily when it is soiled and it stays dry inside at the same time. This proves that it is really gentle on baby's skin. The design of their diapers are quite cute too! Different sizes has different animal characters that represents their cute mascots - Bunny, Bear, Elephant and Hippo.

And like most diapers, the waist guide is very crucial for us parents to know what size fits best for our kids. The indication of 1-2-3 on the waist guide means :
1 - Perfect Fit
2 - Good Fit
3 - Need to change size already

Am glad that I picked the right size for my son this time and it was the "1 - Perfect Fit" for him. My boy couldn't resist doing a few poses for me as I was snapping photos of him in the PETPET new improved designed diapers. I'd probably put this on for him during night time since that the diapers can last pretty long (up to 10 hours) and he sleeps through the night. My son also has a "bum made of gold" because his skin is delicate and sensitive, hence I had to rule out many brands before this and only have 2 brands that he could tolerate without having rashes or flare-ups on his skin. Thankfully now I have 1 more brand to add to my shopping list for my boy!

You can find out more about PETPET latest updates here :

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored nor paid post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.

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