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Thursday 16 May 2019

SkipHop Collection Malaysia

My kids has been bugging me for a certain collection for awhile now and out of all the brand's, SkipHop is still my no.1 brand that I will pick anytime over the others.

For its convenience and super adorable design that is practical and versatile. I just had to get the whole set. Sometimes I wonder, is it the kid that is excited of the parent itself?

Cos I was equally excited opening the box when we received it. And my kids had a fun time modelling out the bags.

I can't wait to bring them to picnic soon, seeing as my son loves going outdoors. The bag is really convenient and handy enough for my kids to carry themselves. 

Each bag type has its own purpose and usage. It makes me feel pretty organized and also encourages my son's to organise accordingly too.

The bright colour really stands out and the quality is pretty obvious. For the price point it is actually really affordable for a whole set of collection like this.

And I love how it comes in a set fully equipped with the right set of accessories for school and picnic.

The SkipHop set comes in a variety of various animal design for your child to choose from. It's easily available at Manjaku, Mothercare, HappiKiddo, Bebehaus and many more retailer near you.

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