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Thursday 30 May 2019

TAG La V2 is finally here!

Have you heard of TAG La before? I remember I had the very first version of TAG La when it was first newly launched back in 2016.

After 1 year of development process, a brand new round-shaped Bluetooth tracker is set to be more compact in size, more durable and produces a higher decibel beeping sound which can be easily heard by users; Introducing the TAG La V2!

And we're so lucky that it is launched first in Malaysia! Previously, it was a cute square-shaped tracker, TAG La (read more here). The TAG La V2 definitely has enhanced the appearance of the device to a round-shaped design that actually has a meaning behind this design.
If you're like me who gets forgetful at times especially when there's so much to do all at once, you tend to misplace things and spend atleast 10 minutes or so trying to locate missing items and stuffs. Hence, the round-shaped TAG La V2 represents the shape of a time, a clock, a watch; Serves as a daily reminder to treasure time and live your day efficiently.

Using TAG La is simple, just by simply tapping a button in the app to ring your item or double-click the TAG La button to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent. It can also be used as a selfie remote control. There's also many ways to use it which you can also refer to the manual here.

If you are an existing user, the TAG La app will also be receiving a mobile update that will have a brand new user interface that will boost a better user performance and smoother interface for TAG La users.

For its reasonable price of RM79.90 per piece, now there's also a running promotion where you can enjoy:
Friends Pack (3 pieces) RM199.90 (NP: RM239.70)
Family Pack (6 pieces) RM369.90 (NP: RM479.40)
Purchase RM100 and above to enjoy free shipping.

It also comes in a variant of beautiful colours (black, red, yellow, green, blue and white) to match with your accessories and stuffs.

Easily available on TAG La

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