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Saturday 1 June 2019

Family Getaway 2D1N at Sunway Velocity Hotel Malaysia

School holidays can get overwhelming with activities sometimes. Especially when you need to go to places with your kids and there's a crowd there just waiting for you. So we decide to chance upon a weekend for a quick getaway stay away from home.

Near the hearts of Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Velocity Mall, a modern and exciting mall (it's still new for me because I seldom go to this part of the town), that interconnects with Sunway Velocity Hotel where it is just situated right next to each other. This was the place that we have chosen for our quick weekend getaway with the family.

I was mesmerized upon entering the hotel lobby as it was brightly lit and coloured. The space was just breathtaking and my kids enjoyed themselves even at the lobby. With so much space, kids running around is bound to happen.

The service was excellent and top notch at the hotel lobby, as we were escorted to our room on the 15th floor. It was a done with a very warm and friendly manner. We felt right at home when we were there. I think this is important especially if you are with your family.

Upon entering our room, I couldn't help but take photos and selfie a couple of times in the bathroom.

It is just so clean, neatly arranged and just everything you would expect out of Sunway Group of hotels. My kids had the most fun, they were looking forward to this short trip away from home.

After settling down, we decided to head to the mall for dinner and grab some snacks to bring back to our room. We headed down to the 5th floor to the connecting bridge direct to Sunway Velocity Mall. And as I've mentioned, this is definitely a very modernize and exciting mall, I love how they decorated their interiors and the amount of retailers available at the mall.

There were a lot of food restaurants and cafés for us to choose. So we decided to just grab a bite there instead of "tapao"/takeaway back to our hotel room. Minus the mess hehe... So we ate at Dragon-i and then on the way back we bought some snacks and tidbits from Village Grocer.

It was a really short but fun bonding moments with our kids, they just love running round and round in the room, up and down the bed and repeat. When it came to sleep time, the bed was really comfy and huge enough to fit 4 of us.

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful day with a wonderful view from our room, overlooking Cheras & Kuala Lumpur city with some greeneries from a distance.

We adjourned down to start our day with a good serving of breakfast buffet spread of local and western fusion variety.

There were alot of tourists here too and alot of family as well.

After breakfast we went up to enjoy the breathtaking view of the infinity pool (open till 9pm only) on the 16th floor.

They also have a gym there that is open 24 hours.

After that we went back to our room to enjoy more family moments together before we check-up by noon. My kids were sad to leave to hotel but we promised them to bring them back to Sunway Velocity Mall again the next weekend.

So if you have no idea where to bring your kids, bring them over to Sunway Velocity Mall and check-in at the hotel even if it's just a quick getaway from home, it is worth it! Atleast you are away from traffic and not on the road all the time. It was overall an enjoyable moment for me and my family and we are looking forward to the next one soon!

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