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Sunday 23 June 2019

Althea A'Bloom A Gift To Myself

Received this pink box of surprise from Althea the day before my birthday! It came just in time for my 31st birthday celebration!

As soon as I received it, I had to unbox it because I was excited to start pampering myself right away! Every girls dream is to be pampered!

I love how adorable the packaging of the masks are! Just hard to resist getting it online at Althea! It's actually quite affordable too for its amazing quality!

The Giant and Baby Meringue Puff has been something that I have been eyeing on for quite awhile. Because I am not really a make up junkie, hence, my knowledge in this area is still quite fresh. But when I saw this on Althea, I can just feel it in my bones that I should get it!

It's so cute that you just feel like eating them but it's non-edible. It has a very smooth surface that is really gentle on the skin and it actually creates a perfect blend on my skin with my liquid foundation. I love it!

The BHA Blackhead Buster is another item that I have been wanting on my wish list for awhile now. Because it is not easy to remove all the best and even whiteheads especially from the nose and below the cheeks area. It's also very handy and saves space!

Back to these beautiful Althea A'bloom mask variety pack; I love how they come in these colorful and soothing packaging that is just super cute and sweet at the same time! It was a tough decision to decide which mask to go for and then I decided to start with the Ac-Me-Peach mask that is for acne prone or blemish skin like mine.

It has a really jelly-like texture like most mask do, but the moisture was really an abundance and it was really soothing on my skin. I can feel my skin soften and smoothen during and after masking. It was almost too comfortable that I almost exceed 15 minutes, was about to doze off to sleep even! I love it! 

So if you need to really pamper yourself, then do it with Althea at the comfort of your own home.


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