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Tuesday 21 June 2016

It's time to take lah, TAG La!

Don't give me that look! I know what you're thinking! You're probably wondering what I'm talking about lolx!

Well, it's simple! Just take lah, TAG La! Anywhere you are, wherever you go, whatever you do, take lah, TAG La with you and put it in your wallet, your diaper bag, hang it like a key chain on your bag, phone, keys, tablet or put it in your "box of secrets"!

Why should you do that & what is TAG La?
Well, with TAG La, this new revolutionary solution to finding missing items aka "the TAG La Bluetooth Tracker" is designed to help people keep track of important items that are easy to misplace or lose, such as phones, keys, iPads and so much more! TAG La is a tiny, versatile and lightweight tracker that can alert the user to the location of any item through sound or light.

Imagine having that ease of locating all those important stuffs that you do not want to misplace! Especially if you're a mom ("MOMNESIA" is real!) and well, we kinda want everything to be perfect  (somewhat OCD lolx) and yet we somehow get a lil' forgetful sometimes!

So how does it work?
Firstly, TAG La requires a tablet or phone to be running the TAG La app in the background. TAG La works with:

- iPhone 4s & later
- iPad 3rd Generation & later
- iPad mini & later
- iTouch 5
- Android 4.3 & Later with Bluetooth Low Energy

Then head into App Store or Google Play Store and download the "TROIKA find" app.

Once you're done, you proceed to set up your TAG La!

Upon startup of the app on your device, you do not need either Wi-Fi connection or mobile network to connect with TAG La. The ONLY thing you need is BLUETOOTH on your device!

Once it's turned on, you will see your TAG La under the device list for you to connect to. Apple iOS devices can pair up to 10 TAG La's or more at a time. Android devices can pair anywhere from 3-10 TAG La's depending on the manufacturer and the operating system version of your device.

However, users cannot connect two device to one TAG La simultaneously but you can set multiple TAG La's to be connected to one phone at a time.

Simply put it in this way,
1 device = 10 TAG La's can be done
2 device = 1 TAG La cannot be done.

Now, TAG La gives users an option to personalize their TAG La. Like how I personalize "My Minion" below hehehe!

Once your TAG La is connected, you can then adjust the setting for the selected TAG La that's connected.

Anti lost setting

Find Me setting

You can also change the Ringtones/Alarmtones in each TAG La, there's already 11 of them ready to be selected in the app.

You can also adjust the setting to your TROIKA app on your device where you see fit.

1. Do Not Disturb will turn off phone voice alert.
2. APP Password allows you to set a password to this app for more privacy so no one can change the settings and turn off this app for you.
3. Map Switch allows you to switch between Google Maps or Baidu Maps.
4. Double Click Settings personalizes your TAG La's to have some additional feature such as "Voice recording (auto-on your device) or Ring the Alarm (if you misplaced your device, it'll ring it up for you)" 
5. Record List are the recordings that you manage to capture if you've set your double click settings to voice recording. So you can playback and listen to what's being recorded (without anyone knowing! Especially during meetings, muahahha!)

What I like about this, is that it really help me locate things quite easily. Especially my wallet, my son love to play with my wallet. He gets excited when he sees the cards and cash inside ( he's only 1yr+!) probably because it is colorful!

So I just simply slot this in and then, Ta-Da! I'm ready to go anywhere with ease & joy!
No more fear of losing my wallet, misplacing it OR with the help of my son "misplacing" it for me (somewhere in the car/house).

What is the size of the TAG La?
TAG La’s dimensions are 38mm x 38mm x 4mm (Height x Width x Thickness) and the weight is less than 30g.

Whenever I can't find my wallet, I just open the app and click on the alert to detect it's whereabouts, there's even a map that I can locate it just incase I left it at the office like a couple of feet away! 

What is the range of the TAG La?
TAG La’s Bluetooth range is up to 75ft. Bluetooth is most effective at the 30 ft range, depending on the environment, no location in the house or car is too far for TAG La to pick up on.

What's best is if I let home without my wallet, my phone will alert me once "My Minion" aka my TAG La inside my wallet is "Out of range". The TAG La or aka "My Minion" will then be beeping inside my wallet until I've found it! 

Battery Duration & Lifetime of TAG La
TAG La uses CR 2032 Lithium Coin Battery, lasts about half a year.

So what differentiates TAG La with other similar products?
TAG La is more than just a Bluetooth item finder. Some of the features that strongly differentiate the TAG La from the others:

1. TAG La comes with 6 different colors. As different colors have different psychological meanings that varies by every individual.
2. Replaceable battery which can easily replace (CR2032).
3. You can share your TAG La with your family and friends.
4. You get to enjoy the endless possibilities of your precious moments & time without having to lose any important items, misplace them and waste time searching for them EVER AGAIN!

TAG La is a Malaysian-born company with a passion for interactive technology and developing convenient gadgets for everyday life. A revolutionary solution to finding missing items: TAG La Bluetooth Tracker. 

Get yours today! Find out more at :

That's not all!
Shop for TAG La today and get 10% off your first purchase by using this code :

*Valid till 21st July 2016

So, don't wait la! Just take la, TAG La and don't worry la!

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  1. Wow didn't know such gadget exists ! Really good when there's too many items to keep an eye on


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