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Thursday 2 June 2016

Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System by PRO Hairdressing Team

Receiving the invitation to my very first hair pampering session by Pro Hairdressing Team @ Taipan USJ 10 is truly an honour! A dream come true!

I was invited to try the "Deep Layer Moisture Treatment System (Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine Treatment) from Japan". It consists of 5 layers of treatment to lock moisture in our hair. Especially great for hair that has been exposed to chemicals!! It's also safe for pregnant mommy like me (2nd trimester).

This Japan treatment usually needs to be fast and in total there are 5 steps that I had to go through here. 

[First step @ Microfibrils] Deep Layer 1 - Penetrate : A high molecule hydrolyzed keratin (Molecular weight: 4000) penetrate into damage hole in hair. (More damage, better penetration)

A good hair & scalp wash. It felt really good to be pampered like that! They wanted to give me a scalp massage but I was pregnant so best to avoid the scalp massage for now hehe... After a good wash, the 1st layer of keratin which is the 1st step of this treatment is applied to my hair and then a steamer over my hair for 10 minutes.

[Second step @ Matrix] Deep Layer 2 - Combination : Hydrolyzed keratin (Molecular weight: >400) made of feather (Kerataide {Molecular weight: 750}), combined with hair peptide fill the gap between damage holes to keep result.

Basically it's like a water-based spray method over the hair, and Jackson said special for me since I've never done any hair treatment in years (since I got married until now, like 3 yrs+) he used a machine to iron in the protein into my hair to further lock in all the goody into my looooooong & quite thick hair. Usually the 2nd till the 4th step is done at the hairwash basin. Mine special case hehe!

[Third step @ CMC] Deep Layer 3 - CMC Repair : Repair ingredients are settled into hair by nano-CMC-like ingredient and Pellicles. Formulation with sub acidity helps Kerataide molecule gets bigger by combining each other to strengthen inside the hair. 

It's actually cream based applied to the hair to repair and strengthen.

[Fourth step @ Cuticle] Deep Layer 4 - Film : Moisturizing Hyaluronic Film (18MEA, Novel Chitosan Derivative, Hyaluronic acid) {absorbent type}, form moisturizing complex by locking Step 1 ~ 3 repair component.

After a quick hair rinse, another cream is applied to also repair but is more towards retaining the moisture and also to prevent dryness of the hair.

[Fifth step @ Glossy.Discoloration.Water Repellent Coat] Deep Layer 5 - Coat : Contain Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine, Polyfunctional Hybrid Polymer coats the surface of hair to keep the repair result.

This step is another cream but acts as a water-repellent coating to the surface of the hair to keep the repair result.

Once the fifth step is completed, my hairstylist, Jackson, helped blow dry my hair and style it differently than before. I never enjoyed curls in my life but this round it was different even though it's just for a day, but my hair was feeling way smoother and moist right after the 5 steps treatment! 

There's also a [Deep Layer H - Home Care : Home care treatment to keep hair sustain longer before next Deep Layer treatment] that also acts as a water-repellent coating to the surface of hair to keep the repair result from the comfort of your own home. This is optional but recommended too. This home care treatment can be used 3 times a week after having treatment in the salon. After shampoo, slightly rinse the hair and apply the treatment on the damaged part of hair. Massage to let it absorb into the hair and avoid scalp area.

These 5 Steps treatment + Home Care, works effectively to give moisture to high damaged hair, repair inner and outer hair components, with added water-repellent coating to the surface of the hair. With all these steps in place, it is able to achieve superb moisture effect on our hair, especially if it's been so exposed with all the air pollution, dust, dirt and even all those chemicals we have placed on our scalp/hair over the years growing up!

This is a monthly treatment to keep the hair in good healthy condition, prices range from :
Short hair (RM200)
Medium to Shoulder length hair (RM230)
Long hair (RM260)

Jackson attended to me, my hairstylist of the day (charming guy leh... psst... he's still single and available. He's really friendly and hardworking too!)

See the before and after!!

I just had to selfie for the day! Moms gotta learn how to "pamper" themselves more often!!

Japan technology truly amazes me! With thanks to Moltobene, we get to enjoy the beauty of salon treatment to repair and restore damaged hair that leads to strong beautiful hair! Also, thanks to Jackson (my hairstylist) and Pro Hairdressing Team @ Taipan USJ 10 for having me there!

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