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Sunday 22 May 2016

The Hypnobirthing Antenatal Seminar 2016

Since my 1st pregnancy, I came across "Hypnobirthing" through an ex-colleague of mine. She was teaching classes nearby my area. However, it was just a brief explanation that I wasn't really enticed into. Also I was already in my 3rd trimester then so it was going to be like a crash course for me.

Hence, I decided to simply run a search on google to read up about it and see if I can gain anything from Google or YouTube! I learned the breathing "J" method and practiced it whenever I remembered for a month or so until the day I gave birth to my 1st child!

I managed to give birth to my 1st child naturally, my husband just sat at my side against the wall while I was trying to implement the breathing "J" method to breathe my baby out. However, there was INTERVENTION! The nurse on duty was practically teaching me to "push" my baby out. Kept forcing the gas mask on me and kept asking me if I wanted pain killers and reminding me constantly that EPIDURALS is on standby if I need it.

I rejected all except towards to end I asked for pain killers AFTER asking where that is going to be, at the hips... So I agree, BUT right after the pain killer jab (which was a waste of money and useless to me), I felt the baby coming and pushed the baby out... Had an episiotomy due to that... However, the pain killer only took effect right after baby is born during the stitching up time. I was awake, aware and conscious the whole time. So I was chatting with my gynae asking her questions and also asking how is the baby and bla bla bla...

Now for my second time around which I'm gonna be due very soon, I went for this "Hypnobirthing Antenatal Seminar 2016" with my husband to really understand what it is really about.

We had a truly amazing eye-opening experience on how hypnobirthing or gentle birthing can actually benefit us both physically & mentally and not just beneficial during birth, even before and after. How we can even apply it into our everyday lives.

The seminar was for half a day & it was a full house! All of us were brought through a brief detailed summary rundown on what all of us can gain from attending hypnobirthing classes.

The speakers known as Daphne, Wendy & Nadia shared their real life birthing experience and some quick tips on getting into the best birthing positions, counter pressure tips & tricks during contractions and how our other half aka the husbands plays a very important role to support their wives and how they can be involved during the whole journey to ensure a pain-free & no additional drugs/instruments birth (and save some $$ along the way)

It was definitely a great experience for us as we were showed examples of how some of the positioning matters most in birthing and also how our partners play a very important role in support. That includes those super relaxing foot massages, counter pressure when a contraction kicks in and also the best birthing positions.

From planning our birth plans properly to finding the right gynae to support a more natural birthing method that us as "Clients" not "Patients" would want. It's true when they told us in the seminar, we're actually "clients" not "patients" because we're not ill, we're creating life!

I signed up for the classes right after the seminar and will never look back again because I know that this will definitely be beneficial for me, my husband and for my baby too. I choose ease, practical & effective! I mean, how does it get any better than this! What else is possible beyond anything I could ever imagine! I'm glad to have made this choice!

Also the most interesting thing happened, as I was seated in the front row, 3 couples per row. Before the day started I applied the Menang Clarity & Menang Allure oil mixture on my 3rd eye and also as usual sprayed myself with RK spray (cos the weather was so hot in the morning also!) During the lucky draw session, the couple next to us on the right was called out first. Then the other couple on our left was also called out! We were wondering "What Else Is Possible!" and at the final draw for the grand prize which was a Buds Organic starter pack, our number was called out!! How does it get any better than that! However, I went up to bless my prize to another lovely couple in the crowd instead because I still have lots of baby products at home plus now I'm only using Menang 8 Raja Kayu products, hence why I decided to bless it back to another lucky couple!


Oh if, you would like to know more about Hypnobirthing, you can check out these speakers social media page for more info.


  1. Interesting should probably explore this method since mine is due November/December. Congrats on your 2nd child, pray for your safe delivery!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post as I have learnt more about hypnobirthing :) cheers,


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