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Tuesday 6 March 2012

The LORAX, Movie Screening

The Lo-lo-lo-LORAX is finally in cinemas!! And yeesshhh!!! I am late again in my blog post ahahahahahhahahahaahahahahaha ROFL! Sigh....
Well thanks to @Churp2 & @NuffnangMY, I received 2 invites to the Lorax 3D movie screening @ GSC, Mid Valley on 2nd March 2012 @ 9.15pm!

 The minute I arrived, I saw the furry PEANUT there taking pictures with 2 lovely ladies from the crowd aka strangers!!! (Me camera shy la... dowan la....)
Lolx... He's actually the LORAX, Guardian of the forest.
This bunting was next to the booth so I kinda wanna camwhore this muahahha! Yay! Churp & Earn

The awesomeness Nuffies & Churpies at GSC Cinema, Mid Valley

Now here comes the interesting part 
(*Spoiler Alert! If you haven't watched the Lorax then skip this next section which if a brief intro to some of my fav parts in the Lorax movie)

The 3 singing fishes that popped-up in the beginning of the movie and started singing & they're soooo ADORABLE!!!!

The Lorax awaken and he'd actually came out of this tree stump after the Once-ler chopped this Truffula tree down for the first time

Here's the proof of the Once-ler chopping this Truffula tree down for the first time

 "Hey you! Did you cut down this tree?"

 Accusing body language of the Lorax towards the "Once-ler" aka "One-ceee" as address by his mum lolx!

 Aaaarrrggghhh!! The Lorax is here to keep a close eye on him so that he don't cut down trees!

 "GASP! She's a woman?!?!?"

"I speak for them! Don't cut down the trees! Where will all of them go? This is their home..." 

So guys, let's take care of the environment and stop cutting trees laaaa!! I wanna see a real lorax if there's such thing but I don't want to cut a tree down just to see him so please 


After the movie, it just finished raining but the traffic was building up... 
Im guessing if the term "Friday night fever" actually resulted from this... Huhuhu...

Check out the Lorax main homepage! Loving it!

Check out the Lorax movie soundtrack here

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