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Monday 5 March 2012

La Cocina @ Taipan Business Centre

La Cocina... My first thought is a Mexican restaurant but its actually Spain... 

La Cocina aka La Cos Sina is a Spanish term for cuisine or the art of cooking.
Here we can experience authentic Spanish Cuisine "Al Fresco" dining... They have vegetarian available and ideal for family, friends, lovers and just some fun gathering. No pork served but you go with your loved one and you can enjoy candlelight dinner for 2... Mmmm romantic hehe...
Their table setting is very warm and romantic. With candlelight on every table;
This place is set to hit it off with couples and newly weds alike!
Even a lovely gathering with friends and family is good too.
See pictures below to know more hehe... Price also reasonable for an authentic cultural cuisine which is definitely new to asians!
Spanish interiors, feels very warm and inviting.
They have a variety of decorations at their bar and it just brings you a very homey feel...
My bf that was not supposed to use phones at the table... Sigh... Yes, that is the AWESOME Samsung galaxy Note hehe...
"Spanish Blizzard" a mix of mango, pineapple & orange juice. RM 7.90
(The flavour really blends in naturally and it's very refreshing and yummy!)
Fried Mahon Cheese @ RM17.90
(2 ThumbsUp!! This is awesome! I tot it was like TGIF's Mac & Cheese but it's not!! They use pure cows milk cheese and deep fry it) The best appetiser ever!! My bf hates cheese and the smell/taste of it, but he loves this!!
Lamb Lasagne - AWESOMELY yummy! 
Salmon Steak mmm..mmmm...yum... with Garlic Cream Sauce @ RM28
Compliments on-the-house... I think we kinda ordered alot and I was taking pictures, the lady owner brought this over for us for FREE! Yum!! This is a creamy type of pudding, really really creamy (pure cows milk cream?) with sugar coated over the top and grilled on the top layer only. Very interesting dessert! But I can't take too much cream or milk so my bf had to finish this ahahahahhaa!

So you wanna try their menu and see what fits you and your loved one best? 
Check out their menu on La Cocina

La Cocina

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