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Friday 16 March 2012

Comeback of Sabrina!

I'm baaaaaaaacckkk!! Yes, this annoying lil girl is back... (OMGWTF... I'm not lil anymore...) 
ANYway, I have been surfing the net for awhile and I kinda missed singing... My voice changed too... Sigh......... But I did manage to find out over the years that I suck at singing some songs but I'm good at other slow-mo songs...

Jar of HeartsImage via Wikipedia

So I decided to do an audio cover version of Christina Perri - Jar Of Hearts... I'm no pro and yes, I like to drag my tune ahahahahha...

I know I suck at high notes and yet I wanna stretch my limits (dumb right?) lolx... I agree... But I just love singing and 'nuff said! So enjoy! Or BEAT IT! (Just kidding... trollololol)
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