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Friday 9 March 2012

Katy Perry - My Fav!

Since Katy Perry became famous in the music industry, all eyes were on her. And during then, even Lady Gaga was around the corner too. But who can say "No" to this California Girl, all colorful, bubbly & hot!

I loved all her MV's and music performances but what stunned me most is E.T. MV feat. Kanye West

I love the way her make-up is in the video, she looks so real, so alienated real!! Awesome!

See some images I managed to Google up & did a picture collage via PhotoViSi

Awesome right? I know!!

Then her next song I love most and really meaningful is "The One That Got Away"...

It's kind of sad though, I think like months after this song was out, Katy Perry and Russell Brand (now her ex-husband) divorced... I feel its kinda stupid to divorce over trivial matters that can be changed! He didn't even give her a chance. She's still young and enjoying fame, he needs to understand her for who she is and not what he wants her to be... From what I read online, it seems its due to her partying and Russell has been away from partying for a long time but he wants her to stop those late-night outings and stay home like a good ol' traditional wifey but the main thing is, he wants to have a baby with her. Katy's in her prime time... It's kinda obvious... And being humanly human, it's natural to enjoy being in prime time! That's what they say "Enjoy Life To The Fullest!", as long as she's not on drugs or overdosed or admitted to hospital after partying like what other stars that "can't control themselves" usually do, he should respect and be her support!

Argument broke out and etc etc etc all hell's break lose and he just wants to divorce her... Well, fact of life No.1, Katy Perry can do so much better without Russell Brand and she's waaaayy out of his league in the first place. He don't deserve her, 'nuff said! I hate him for being a dick! He should grow up and take it like a MAN! He should talk things over with Katy and not pack-n-move-out-then-divorce "Da FUQ"?!?! Stupid right!! So angry!!

Anywaaaaaayyy, after all the hurdles... Finally, Katy Perry is back and she's gonna rise higher into fame!! I definitely support her! She's a tough women inside and she's a "Pearl" that is now ready to shine brighter than ever!

Her comeback song which I kinda love but feel that she could've added more vocal power in it! "Part Of Me", and we all know very well who this song is meant for! Enjoy!

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