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Thursday 24 August 2017

Apple Fox Cider is in Malaysia!

#WhateverTheFox is this #AppleFoxCider doing with me?!?!

It’s time to unwind and enjoy at the comfort of my own home! Just me, myself and I...
Apple Fox brings New Zealand inspired Cider to our shores! How does it get any better than that!

So… #WhatTheFox is this?

Introducing the new Apple Fox Cider. This New Zealand-inspired apple cider ripples your senses with a crisp refreshing taste, made from only good, fresh orchard apples. We definitely would want more of these goodies in our bellies! Afterall, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! 

Just don’t drink and drive ya!

Let’s dive deep into the heart of natural freshness which is the orchard. This yummy alcoholic Apple Fox Cider captures the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown and just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this alcoholic cider will steal the hearts of those seeking for instant refreshment with a contemporary fresh and bold crisp edge.

Inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox uses the best-kept secrets of cider making in creating a distinct, refreshing smooth drinking experience, served over ice. Also, the Apple Fox Cider contains 4.5% ABV and delivers an instant refreshing taste.

As for me, I prefer it chilled straight from the fridge! Especially in our hot weather nowadays, the Apple Fox Cider is a great addition to my fridge! What about you? Sendiri beli-lah… Lolx! Apple Fox is now available (from August 2017) in 320ml cans and 325ml bottles from hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, also in bars, pubs and restaurants. A special introductory price from RM5.80 per can will be offered for a limited time to celebrate the launch of Apple Fox Cider in Malaysia.

I bought my Apple Fox Cider at Giant USJ Hypermarket yesterday! 

Stay updated with Apple Fox Cider’s

Don’t forget to #WhatTheFox an #AppleFoxCider while enjoying a Fox with your friends!


  1. Practically all non Muslim bloggers are blogging about this.. this is a big event for sure.. too bad for me its alcoholic

    1. I've reading 3 to 5 posts about Apple Fox, and seems its happening. I wish to read posts about halal drinks or halal beer for a change. That would be more interesting.

  2. I haven't try this but it seems tempting. Wanna try this very soon



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