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Friday 18 August 2017

Shell Out, Main Place Shopping Mall USJ 21 Food Review

Shell Out will most probably sell out pretty quick with its newest branch recently opened at Main Place Shopping Mall USJ 21 in Subang Jaya.

It's not a Shell station, it's a dining place to get your belly filled up with fresh P.H.A.T seafoods galore! (Pretty Hot Awesome Things)

Since its debut in Klang Valley, I was only able to enjoy the food photography on Facebook and imagine how it tastes or feels like.

So on a lazy Friday, while doing my regular posting errands at Main Place Shopping Mall USJ 21, I decided to head upstairs with my mom and my kids to look for lunch.

Stopped infront of this outlet and spotted their Set Lunch menu!

It was a good combination of seafood choices! So my mom ordered the Octopus & Lala set lunch combo (RM22.90) that comes with refillable green tea hot/cold and soup of the day. She picked the garlic butter sauce and mild spicyness (which we actually wanted non-spicy at all).

I ordered some Mozzarella sticks sides but it wasn't available so I decided to order a little later. I made the right choice to do so because I am not a seafood lover. Not until my mom's set lunch arrived and it was DROOL-worthy!

I proceeded to order another set for myself Bamboo Clam with Octopus (RM23.90). Each set meal is served on a plate with rice, broccoli, potatoes, corn, 2 types of seafood as per the combo set and served with the sauce and spicyness level of your choice.

The sauce is delicious! It was creamy or sticky, it was just perfect! The garlic was really fragrant and I was able to find a few golden fried crispy garlic's in my sauce! The mildness level of spicyness is actually not spicy at all. Which is great for my son to enjoy too!

Pricing wise is reasonable for the freshness of seafood and the portion size. I will say it's worth having lunch here!

The place is comfy and cosy enough to have a lovely gathering with friends and family. I'm looking forward to bring my family here again to enjoy the real deal! The mess of the seafood combo platters spread out onto the table for everyone to dig in!

Do come by if you're in town! You will not want to miss this lovely place! Looking at the interior decoration, it's pretty simple actually. You can see lots of writings on the tables, walls and glass mirrors in colored pens that really makes the interior decor more unique! It's like everyone that dines there can leave a piece of your sweetest memory behind.

Find out more about Shell Out visit them at :


  1. sebut pasal makanan saya memang suka. sangat suka ! dimsum 'was, is and always will be' my fav food. hehe

  2. looks delicious..i taught shell out should be eaten with no plate..only a paper or plastic cover the table

  3. Looks like a dining place perfect for groups and families. Do they also host parties?

  4. What a great dining place for everyone. I can't wait to try their best seller!

  5. bamboo clam with octopus sounds super good and juicy just by it's name! i will take not of this place and try next time! :D -Joysofyz

  6. Looks yummy, will head there for a try when am in the area..

  7. Shell out was used by many to refer to seafood masses on the table.

    Interesting how this kind of business model grew in Malaysia.


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