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Wednesday 22 July 2015

TBAN - Gift of Love Charity Bazaar 2015

When it comes to events, I go gaga over it!
However, this coming event, I can finally be a part of it! In fact, if you're planing to be a parent or already have kids or one more on the way, then come by to this upcoming event in a couple of weeks to go!

TBAN - Gift Of Love
TBAN Gift of Love Charity Bazaar 2015 will be held in conjunction of World Breastfeeding month at Subang Parade from 8-9 August 2015. 

There will be mommyprenuers selling their handmade products and entreprenuers/local retailers selling baby products or product offerings at this charity bazaar!

U will get to see all parents from many walks of life and culture with their kids for this huge event!

There's also the main event which is the "BIG LATCH"!

Did you know that in August 2013, an event such as this were recorded in The Malaysia Book of Records?

Well, now you know!! And this year, the same event is happening again!!

These were images taken from the event in 2013.

And this year, we will also be presented with a certificate for "The Breastfeeding Advocate Network BIG LATCH", all you have to do to participate is to breastfeed your baby at the event (for moms & babies la of course!! Sorry, daddies...)

The BIG LATCH Event Schedule
Date : 9 August 2015, Sunday
Time : 1pm (Be early!!!)
Venue : Subang Parade

To get your CERTIFICATE, please pre-register here : http://goo.gl/forms/sDTx6eP6uK
Only those who pre-register by Tuesday August 4th 2015, 12.38pm will get a personalized printed certificate.

That's not all!! You can even win Lucky Draws, join competitions, demo sessions and even talks from breastfeeding peers. Also, YB Hannah Yeoh will be officiating the event too!

The sponsors of TBAN Gift Of Love 2015 event
Great appreciation to Gina's Place : The Breastfeeding Postnatal Centre for support in promoting and protection of breastfeeding
Thanks to Subang Parade for being the Main Event Partner.
Great appreciation to Nicolas KL Osteopath of THE ALTERNATIVE: Osteopathy and Immune System Disorders natural treatments for their support in promoting and protecting breastfeeding

Greatest appreciation to Fabulous Mom for your constant support in promoting and protecting breastfeeding

Also the Lucky Draw sneak previews

Don't forget NOT to miss these speakers from real moms!

Please visit TBAN - Gift of Love page for more info and details prior to the BIG LATCH!

Also please help support to normalize breastfeeding through creating a video advertisement in Malaysia.

Find out more :
The Breastfeeding Advocates Network Introduction
Help make a real video to normalise breastfeeding!


  1. omg the record breaker is so hilarious! good job having ALL the babies bf at the same time though =O

  2. I don't have kids yet, but good to keep in mind

  3. I don't have kids yet, but good to keep in mind

  4. Sounds like an exciting event...... my kids are all grown up though... heheheh


  5. Wonderful :)) i wish they had this kind of event before this too so my mom could join :')


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