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Saturday 18 July 2015

Dukes & Duchess at TTDI, KL

Lunch on Raya Day 2 was recommended by my dear friend (a super mom) at Dukes & Duchess in TTDI, KL. A very unique "Portugis style" of Western Asian Fusion! 

It's splendid entrance signage takes you in to a very cozy "bar and grill" lounge.

Although we were here for lunch on a Public Holiday/Weekend, we didn't really expect to see their "Lunch set" menu. However, we were so wronged! It was the first menu they laid down infront of us. Lovely, lunch set meals includes with Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Cream & Rice (for the Asian fusion dishes). I did requested for their usual menu to see what other offerings this place has in terms of choices. It was alot!! (2) Two page full of yummy names and brief details.

Set Lunch Menu

Their set lunch menu is pretty simple and straight to the point. Everything fits in (1) one page with pictures.

On their usual menu, there's a small section at the corner that feature's Dukes & Duchess, Chef Don Theseira, their head chef with over 35 yrs experience! 35 yrs is aplenty experience because I'm only 27 yrs this year (2015) and the head chef has been cooking for the past 35 yrs even before I was born!

Let's dive into our orders, am hungry already while typing this post!
Their nice and tasty "Ice Lemon Tea", no set meal will be complete without the good ol' Ice Lemon Tea thirst quencher. Btw, this picture I've captured looks like cold beer leh~ I wished... Lolx!

Their "Soup Of The Day" (RM12) was mushroom soup (ordered off their ala carte menu btw). I love it! I have been searching for this soup for a long time, I have tried remaking this but have failed to get the right combination of the mushroom fragrance & thickness. Their garlic bread ain't too thick and super crispy. Dip them into the soup and "mm-mmmm" sluuurrppps~!

"Grilled Pork Chop" RM15 (Lunch set), yummy thick and succulent pork chops, grilled to perfection with every bite! The BBQ sauce is really different than those usual western food BBQ sauce. Almost homemade like. However, the black pepper is really strong in the sauce.

"Nyonya Tamarind Braised Pork" RM19 (Lunch set) comes with rice & keropok. This is non-spicy but the sauce is really unique. Has that tangy tamarind taste to it. It's like sweet & sour but really fragrant too. U do not find this dish anywhere!! This is the first time tasting a meal like this and it was splendid!

"Butter Rice Pork Chop" RM15 (Lunch set) need I say more? The pork chop is thick and yummy, especially with it's sauce. The sauce is like the Tamarind braised pork sauce but has more herb aroma in it (am guessing it's basil?). The butter rice is like fried rice style where there are veggie's in it, esp. onion. Makes the rice really moist and yummy.

Last but not least, their lovely dessert (comes with the set lunches). It was delish! The whole set was delish! 

There was another dish, the "Kung Pao Claypot" RM19 (Lunch) comes with rice. However, no picture because my mother-in-law ate it before I could snap a lovely photo of it. That is how awesome it is! NOt your ordinary Kung Pao Claypot Chicken! Really nyonya style. Tastes different but GOOD different~!

The total bill for (4) four pax was RM80. NO service tax and NO GST! How awesome is that!
Will I come back again?

DEFINITELY! So should u if u haven't already!

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