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Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Breastfeeding Advocates Network Introduction

Have you ever heard of "The Breastfeeding Advocates Network"? Most of you probably have, however, most of you might be seeing this name & logo for the first time! 
"The Breastfeeding Advocates Network", is a group of parents (moms & dads) in Asia (particularly in Malaysia & some in Singapore). A group where sharings of positivity and the benefits & knowledge of breastfeeding is shared widely across timelines every minute of each day! 
Logo credits to Louise Ross of The Autumn Rabbit

My ex-colleague actually encouraged me to join "The Breastfeeding Advocates Network" on Facebook Groups. It was the first Facebook Group I've joined since I was expecting and as a 1st time mum, I need all the help and knowledge that I can get (Google weren't really helpful in this area).

As a first time mum, I was constantly in a daze (apart from my momnesia aka pregnancy brain); I was so unprepared even though me & my husband had been planning for a baby since our R.O.M. We love kids! But how to go about raising one??!! Thank God for my ex-colleague, she was also expecting her first son and if it weren't for her, I will not be here proud to say that I've been fully breastfeeding my baby for 8 months and going strong! AND I have been an "advocate" myself helping other mummies out there in this matter.

The story of how TBAN was formed

TBAN was created by Gina Yong in Sept 2009. 

"TBAN was created by Gina Yong, a breastfeeding advocate. She holds talks, runs a confinement center, a breastfeeding peer counselor, a daughter, a wife and a mother of 4! Along with her group of friends, the admins of TBAN, they have tirelessly been sharing information and organising events and/or talks to normalise breastfeeding since 2009. TBAN today has over 65000 members and are growing. The admins of TBAN are all mothers with children and full time jobs, sacrificing their time to create an awareness on breastfeeding. This too means getting messages from distressed mothers at 4 am who are wondering why isn't my baby latching or help me I don't know what I'm doing etc." quoted from Shereena of That Skinny Elephant

Photo Credits to Gina Yong of TBAN

Daphne Lee as one of the admin of TBAN, 
this is her story of her breastfeeding journey with Gina & TBAN

Photo Credits to Gina Yong of TBAN

To date, TBAN has grown tremendously and still continues to grow each and every day! It is a group that connects us all parents that just wants to normalise breastfeeding into every parenting journey and the KEY factor is to provide the BEST for our baby!

The Admins of TBAN (left to right : Felicia, Ashley, Daphne & Gina)
Image taken from Indiegogo Gallery
Thank you Gina, Daphne, Felicia and Ashley for your neverending efforts in normalizing breastfeeding & providing us a platform where we can educate ourselves with all the info and guidance we need as new parents!


  1. I commend you your great efforts... May more moms try and breastfeed their babies....

  2. Yes! Yes! I support breastfeeding and believe the benefitssss to the babies.
    I will definitely breastfeed my baby too!Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  3. I still a long way to go to reach this stage~~~
    Thanks for your information and i have learn something new~~~

  4. I have always view breastfeeding as a very intimate action between the mother and the child. I support breastfeeding and will definitely breastfeed when I have kids in the future. Thank you for constantly spreading awareness :)

  5. Great tips on breastfeeding! Good that there is a platform for breastfeeding mummies to interact! :)


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