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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Help make a real video to normalise breastfeeding!

Help us realize our dream in producing a video to normalise breastfeeding in our community!
Photo Credits to Asther Lau Photography
Taken from Indiegogo Project

Remember the first time you laid your eyes on your newborn? 
You promised to give only the best to her. 
You were determined to breastfeed. 
But a few days after birth, her constant cries got you very nervous. 
Did you have milk? 
Why did your breasts feel hard or soft AND nothing is coming out? 
Your worried family can't bear to see your baby crying. 
The nurses and your family insists that your baby be given formula milk to feed her hunger. 
You agreed heavy heartedly. 
You didn't know who to turn to. 
Nobody told you that the early days could be so challenging.

Sounds familiar?

The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (TBAN) is a registered society and an online support group for breastfeeding in Facebook. Established in September 2009, they have grown to almost 65,000 members and are currently receiving more than 100 new members daily. Majority of their members are from Malaysia, while they also have members from all over the world like Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and USA, just to mention a few.

Top 10 Milk Killers by Gina Yong of TBAN

Mummies and daddies receive help and support in the group to breastfeed their babies. When the need arise they may receive home visits from qualified Breastfeeding Peer Counselors in the group. Their aim is to educate the modern parents on breastfeeding and to normalize breastfeeding. 

Taken from Indiegogo Gallery
Many lamented if they have known about TBAN earlier, they would have an easier time breastfeeding their babies with the support they received. Why don’t they see advertisements or promotions on breastfeeding especially about support groups like TBAN?? We too felt that there is no Malaysian-made video promoting the goodness of breastfeeding and to raise awareness on this topic. Therefore, TBAN NEEDS YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT to make this dream a reality. 

Since last year, they have been working closely with Creative Juice, an advertising agency in the creation of this Breastfeeding Ad.

Photo Caption : Muhibbah - Together we will make Malaysia a better place!
Presenting you the team (not the whole team here, unfortunately) who will bring alive the dream of a BF video. Special thanks to Ayuni Zainuddin who birthed this idea, and Andrea Nisha Samuel who responded and gave us hope. Will tell you the whole story one days — with Ashley Hau Yi, Gina Yong, Breastfeeding Counselor, Ayuni Zainuddin, Daphne Lee-Yang, Felicia Suah, Andrea Nisha Samuel, Youli Hooi, Eva Liew,Asreena Ramdan and Connie Goh.
Their team members for this special project includes the 4 admins of TBAN, Ayuni Zainuddin, Eva Liew and Connie Goh. They are now at the stage of raising funds for the production cost of USD65,000.

We hope that you can be part of this milestone by pledging either USD8, USD18, USD88 or more. (Ok I edited the "8" it's a good number, don't u agree hehehe...) 

Your support will be greatly appreciated. We and all the breasfed babies and future babies you will be indirectly supporting "Thank YOU" from the bottom of our hearts.

In the event that they fall short of the targeted fund (we hope not because we really want to realize this ad), the total collected fund, which they will declare, will be appropriately use for other grassroot breastfeeding initiatives to normalize breastfeeding and support the community in Malaysia.

Thank you so much for your support.

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  1. The more i read your blog, the more open my eyes are. Now as i have an expectant colleague, i share with her the good tips i picked up from your blog. There's nothing to be ashamed of breast feeding. :)

  2. 65k USD for a video? That's one elaborate video..

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