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Monday 10 August 2015

TBAN - Gift of Love Event 2015

The day has finally come! TBAN (aka The Breastfeeding Advocates Network), Gift of Love charity bazaar on the 8th & 9th August 2015 from 11am to 6pm @ Subang Parade.

My super-quick blur picture capture, so excited for the event! Was practically there at 11.30am and we went for lunch at Sakae Sushi! Need to get myself a hefty dose of Salmon sushi! Yumz...

Goodie bags awaits us mummies!

I donated RM10 too! Not just for the lucky draw okay~! I actually left early so didn't get to see if I got lucky or not hehe, but no worries ^^ Doing it for a good cause!!

Certificate Collection before the "BIG Latch" event starts.

This booth was pretty "hot" because of all the big camera, lights & say "cheese"!

One of the vendor booths at the event, you can actually demo the colorful kinetic sand! I wanted to try but maybe when my baby is of age-appropriate then I can play kinetic sand with him. Plus there were kids having fun at this station already hehe

This is major fun! Looking at this set-up gets u excited already! Hear the screams, laughters & the joy of these childrens just having fun! Lovely to hear~

My birds eye view... Okay, this was taken very early, before the crowd actually got here. Probably before 12pm.

This was way after lunch around 1pm+

The BIG Latch event was about to start. However, they had a "Daddy Diaper Changing Competition" at around 3pm. Here's the daddies with their baby all ready and prepared for the game!

These daddies are amazing! They change their baby's diaper so fast!!! However, they forgotten to put on their baby's pants lolx...

And finally the winners! The fastest "Daddy Diaper Changing" competition (and ofcos putting on the pants for their baby)!

Was there with my friend, babywearing our bundle of joy hehe...

After the event, everyone had to clear the space infront of the stage for all of us mummies & babies to find a spot and get comfy. Guess where am I?

Ta-Da! We finally wore our #OOTD in matching blue T-shirts. Mine says #Supply and my baby says #Demand... Which is true lah of course, ahahahha!

Gina Yong, the founder of TBAN gave her motivating speech to all of us.

YB Hannah Yeoh, officiate the event with a very encouraging speech on the benefits of breastfeeding naturally and shared with us of her own real life experience of motherhood and breastfeeding.

Another guest of honour, En. Anwar Fazal (from Malaysia), the Chairperson Emeritus/Appointed Member of (WABA) World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action. He's funny too! He's probably the "oldest" breastfed baby in Subang Parade (as he says it). Breastfed for 2 yrs when he was a baby and he is now 74yrs old!

And the balloon cutting/release ceremony by TBAN founders/admins and the guest of honors to officiate the 1 minute "BIG Latch" event.

Were we ready?? Yup, we had enough time to get comfy and get into the right position and go for the right latch hehe~

It was fully packed as u can see (Credits to my hubby for taking pictures for me hehe)

As u can see most of us are in a "BIG Latch" position hehe. During this 1 minute, it was quite a loud and fast 1 minute for me and my baby. Because the emcee was gearing the crowd to cheer for us. U can practically hear "Breastfeeding Rocks" chanting across the stage repeatedly during this 1 minute. Quite touching (for me, I almost teared), a very sentimental event. I just looked into the eyes of my little baby as he continues to latch on without fear in public! It was our first time! Excited, touched and just full of love (and milk for my baby)!

The only thing is the "party popper confetti's", they popped them at the sides, I saw them before the event began so I was kinda prepared to use my head as a shield to protect the confetti's or glitter bombs from having contact with my baby (atleast protect those tiny particles from entering his ears,eyes, or mouth while latching)...

After the event, they had an announcement and it was a "BFriendly" video that normalize breastfeeding!! This is best news ever!!

Another surprise was the celebration of TBAN's Anniversary! Cake done by mummy Su Yi~

Singing the Birthday song for TBAN ~ Happy Birthday to TBAN~!!

Cake cutting ceremony~

Photo-op with TBAN founder/admins & Guest of Honors

Token of appreciations were handed out after the event while the rest of the mummies were around to mingle. I met a few mummy friends & met new mummy friends too! And lots of babies talking to each other hehe, my baby practically kept "aahh, eehh, heee" with his 8 lil tooth to other babies around him (curious lil alligator)

From left :
Sebrinah Yeo from Sweet-Blessingz,
Shereena from That Skinny Elephant,
Joyce from Joy 'N' Escapade
Guess who I met there?! Two more lovely mummy bloggers hehe~! Do check out their blogs!

My catch for the day, a lovely certificate for the "BIG Latch" event with my name on it! And the freebies that is awesome! There's a breastmilk soap, homemade soaps, BFriendly car sticker, breastfeeding bracelet & wet wipes from Fabulousmom, Honey Suckly BM storage bag, a name tag holder/pouch? and the really informative Gift of Love booklet!! This book is too good that it has busted 50 myths on breastfeeding in English, Chinese & Malay!!! Sources from Dr. Jack Newman. Love this book so much, that I kinda regret not grabbing a few more just to share with friends & family or new mummies I come across with. This will be super helpful for them!!

Breastfeeding Rocks!!!


  1. Hey! Nice matching ootd outfits. So cute la :):)

  2. Cute kids can play at bazaar! The guys can change diaper! My bro in law also can do it. ;) it is good to increase awareness about breastfeeding for the young mothers!

  3. Oh myyyyy...full of babies!!! good event for mum and babies.so adorable kecik kecik dah dpt join event.

  4. Very lovely event you have attended! Thanks for sharing/

  5. Im loving how I'm seeing people spending time with family. And i can't imagine being surrounded by that much adorable babies around. :) Its a good exposure for kids to adapt to surroundings

  6. totally appreciate the idea behind this event. I can see it was fun asawell.

    do drop by... GreenStory

  7. Great idea... And great event.. all.moms should check it out

  8. so many cute babies hehe! All the best in your bfeeding journey! :)


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