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Saturday 27 April 2013

Krabi Holidays ~ Day 4

Finally, the end of our Krabi journey!
Kinda sad to leave this place and head back to KL to dread the office hours and nightmarish traffic. But that's life & it goes on!

Breakfast at the resort was wonderful yet again. No complains. Our flight was after lunch. We had to check-out and leave early about 12pm. So we decided to have an early breakfast and walk to town to do some last minute shopping and also get a quick fix for brunch. We had some fried rice, sausages, dim sum and meatballs all from 7 Eleven. Of course, along other things was the never-ending supply of junk food stocks meant for friends & family and us. Hehe...

At the airport while waiting, we decided to have lunch "again" at the food court on the 2nd floor. Didn't like it here. The Tom Yam soup was like straight out from an instant noodle pack and spicy too. The green cury was so-so. The fried rice was just acceptable. But we didn't expect much from food court meals at airport though. Just need to fill our tummy before heading back to KL. 

Back home, I always unpack my luggage and start allocating the junk foods. They were all over the floor!

We'll head back there again one day because we met some fellow Malaysians there that claims the tailor-made suits and outfits there in Ao Nang is really affordable and super good quality, fast & efficient! We met a friendly malay guy there trying out his suit said he has been going to Krabi for the past 7 yrs plus and all of his clothings since 7 yrs ago is still in perfect condition and all tailor-made in Krabi! No common wear & tear issue. Some foreigners from other countries also told us the same thing.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our journey in Krabi!

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