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Friday 26 April 2013

Krabi Holidays ~ Day 3

Our third day here in Ao Nang, Krabi was a bit more relaxing. Had no idea where did our friend went but me & hubby just enjoyed our time at the resort's swimming pool. 

Me being a shorty, had to tip toe in da pool...

Our friend came back to the resort shortly after lunch and we decided to plan for a trip to Krabi Town Night Market. So we arranged transportation with the same travel agent outside the resort (the one we booked the Hong Island travel with).

The driver came to pick us up from our resort around 4-5pm and headed straight into Krabi Town Night Market destination.
The first thing we did when we were here since we were given 2 hours plus to walk around was hunt for "keropok lekor" (practically only me hunting for this snack!). And we found it! Yummy fried fish snacks! Small, puffy and fresh! The exact taste of our Malaysian local "Keropok Lekor"! I went 2 rounds for this snack here. Hubby was making noise, telling me not to get sore throat and bla bla bla~...

There were lotsa stalls and snack/junk food waiting for me to savour but I was being picky. Hubby was hunting for "Pad Thai" sudden random cravings of his.

He found his Pad Thai after going around the night market twice. I went for the pancake, fried fish cake, fried sausage coated in thick flour and strawberry ice-blended juice. 

Don't be surprise, while walking and eating all these unhealthy food. You get full very fast. We then saw a mini-supermarket and we decided to window shop inside (because there's free air-cond). We saw some interesting products there. Like packet Teh Tarik drinks and preserved fruit and jelly bottles ready-to-eat anytime. We were also comparing prices of the "Mama Shrimp Tom Yum Noodle Cup", "Lays" potato chips and the "Koh-Kae Coated Peanuts" varieties. We manage to grab some of the coated peanuts in different flavours because we couldn't find it at the 7 Eleven/Family Mart at Ao Nang (probably sold out). The others was kindly costly, Tesco was much more affordable.

We wanted to ask the driver to drop us at Tesco on the way back to Ao Nang Beach Area but after a long conversation and even via mobile with the travel agent, we had to top up extra baht just to get us to Tesco. So we refused. We went back to Ao Nang Beach instead to stock up supplies from 7 Eleven/Family Mart. Even though we DID pass by Tesco on the way. What a jerk!

Back at Ao Nang Beach Area, our friend wanted to get some foot massage. Me & hubby had extra cash on hand because we didn't spend much (only on food) and we didn't raid Tesco as we all planned to. So we decided to pamper ourselves too. I went for manicure & pedicure whilst my hubby went for foot massage (ahem~the decent ones, mind you)... We decided to spend the last night here in Krabi at a night bar inside one of the alley where there were lotsa foreigners and live performance (in english) good music. We just spent our time enjoying our pint of Chang beer.

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