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Thursday 25 April 2013

Krabi Holidays ~ Day 2

Woke up to a bright sunny day! 

With only 1 target in mind, to go on a "Long Tail Boat" journey to Hong Island.

Where did we purchase this package from? 

Costs us 650 baht per person x 4pax = 2,600 baht
Via Long Tail Boat from Kingdom
Destination : Hong Island

8.30am - 9am : Pick-Up from hotel to Ao Nang Beach area
9am : Leave from Ao Nang to Daeng Island. 

First stop is swimming & snorkeling.

Second stop at Paradise Island, there's a swallow bird's nest and a guard to look after them. We also had quite a long stop here at the white sandy beach for sunbathing, swimming and resting.

Third stop at Hong Island which is famous for its beautiful white sandy area, here you can also swim, snorkeling and even feed the fishes. However, it was overcrowded!! We were only here for a short while, because there was too many people and boats everywhere. But we were lucky, because we were detoured to another island nearby with lesser people but the exact same beautiful white sands and we had them all to ourselves, the fishes & corals were beautiful too.

The next destination we were taken to a hidden Lagoon, over here, we can see a perfect mangrove forest inside and there were sea starfish group. The Thai guy on our boat caught one for us to have a look up-close but released it back into the waters shortly. This hidden Lagoon had a story to it. Apparently, it happened during the Tsunami in 2004. The tourists and boats that were out at sea weren't aware of what was happening but when the Tsunami came, they were trapped in this Lagoon and lucky too. All survived because of the way it was hidden the Tsunami couldn't get in! So it's a very special place to the locals here.

The whole island trip was pretty amazing. Lovely getaway & relaxing. When we head back to the resort it was almost dinner time and we decided to call up & reserve for 4pax at "Lae Lay Grill". They provided free shuttle services to/fro from our resort to their restaurant uphill.

Sunset views are the best! Plus it's uphill and surprisingly, no mozzy bites! Haha!
Their Tom Yam cuisine here is wonderful! I love their Tom Yam Soup, their Pineapple Fried Rice, the green curry was acceptable, soft shell crab was tasty but their fish was excellent!

Try to hold on to visiting the toilet while you're uphill. Mainly because it's dark but the path to the toilet is slightly lit. But if you are afraid of creepy crawlies like me then try to avoid, hehe... I went to the toilet and saw a few friendly creatures along the way medium-sized "LIZARDS!"... Inside the toilet, spiders........ ACK! But I survived!

A perfect way to end the day with hubby, good friends & great food with awesome view!

After a satisfying dinner. We requested for the free shuttle to stop us at Ao Nang Beach area to hunt for some street food (me & hubby), my friend was still into massage, manicure, pedicure & temporary tattoo.

Me & hubby found some grilled street foods and we even bought Chang beer and drank it with straw along the way back to the resort haha! We had to walk because we didn't want to rent the scooter for just a few hours, ain't worth it.

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