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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Krabi Holidays ~ Day 1

Our holidays in Krabi together with our friends has been a once in a lifetime journey for me.
It was Krabi that I first rode on a scooter with my hubby. We consider this our pre-honeymoon trip ^^.

We got our flights through AirAsia and they always offer really good affordable low fares throughout all-year-round. We paid RM289 for 2-pax (including seating selections).
Travelled from (Wed, 7am) 24th - (Sat, 2.25pm) 27th April 2013.

We stayed at Aree Tara Resort during our 4D3N stay in Krabi. We actually googled and found the review on Aree Tara Resort pretty decent and we decided to pick that resort for our holiday getaway! Here's my own review on TripAdvisor for Aree Tara Resort.

Firstly, the view from our room was awesome! The pool view below. The room was spacious and just neatly decorated. A real comfortable stay. It was clean too. I love how the towels were folded into an elephant, super cute & creative!

First thing after checking in (besides checking out our room and the hotel facilities), we rented the resorts own scooters at the lobby. We can even test out the scooters and make our pick from the choices available. Price wise was decent enough (200 baht per 24 hour) but it was not costly at all and because the resort was quite further in from the town we didn't want to walk out to the shops outside to haggle for price so we decided to just settle this at the resort.

Btw, we shut off our mobile phones just so we could have peace away from work (we're on holiday!). Our only navigation around Krabi is the traditional way - a real travel MAP guide! You can grab this at the lobby desk. I was the navigator and map reader throughout the whole journey!
My first time on the scooter, and the first stop was at McD for lunch!

After lunch, we routed our journey to the Marine Animals Breed Station further away from Ao Nang Beach Area & before Krabi Town and entrance is FOC. Nothing grand or spectacular, just a local breeding ground for the marine lives. But the weather was scorching hot!

We journeyed further into the wilds just to look for Tesco hypermarket in Krabi Town!! Why "in the wilds" because I kinda used to loooooooong way marked on the map to get to our destination and we did make a few wrong turns. And the surrounding was nothing but green jungle trees... and the road... and no cars... and just 2 scooter... and 4 pax... lost... BUT we made it in the end! This Tesco is definitely away from town! Kinda outskirt a lil... We came here for the sole purpose to stock on the "Mama Shrimp Tom Yum" noodle cup apparently it's cheaper in Tesco unless there's a promotion at Family Mart or 7 Eleven.
Oh, and there was this porky kiosk outside Tesco, so I had the urge to try their porky sausage that tastes like pork sausage. Lolx...

After Tesco, we head back to Ao Nang Beach area to check out some nearby 7 Eleven and Family Marts, it was tea time!! We were hungry... 7 Eleven has everything! Love the sandwiches, you can have them cooked on the spot and it's crispy too. My friend recommended the "Crab Fried Rice" from the fridge. Quite tasty too. You'll be surprised with the choices at 7 Eleven/Family Mart in Thailand. U can have a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack at anytime of the day without getting bored!

After a long day, we practically just walked around Ao Nang Beach area until evening came. Our friend were more caught up than us though, their target was to get Thai Massage, manicure & pedicure and temporary tattoo. So they were pretty much busy with those 3 for the rest of the travel. As for me and hubby, we were more interested in looking for some authentic Thai street food from the locals. Those yummy sweet pancakes, their simple noodle soup and we even packed-to-go "cooked & hot" sausages and bacon from 7 Eleven back to our resort to eat with the Mama Shrimp Tom Yum Noodle Cup for supper before tucking in to bed.

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