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Tuesday 25 December 2012

The Proposal

The title says it all. The proposal of our lives. Surrounded by all the mushy-gushy videos on YouTube and friends that try to extravagant their proposals and go viral. It almost seems like a competition. However, not for me & my now "hubby".

We prefer a more special moment between us both.

Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, this is our 2nd time here.

Greeted at the entrance by this beautiful Christmas tree. We checked in on the 23rd Dec 2012.

Entering the room only to find this 2 sticky notes on the cupboard door. He's lucky I don't use the cupboards in hotels at all. He said my real Christmas present was inside. I was excited! My hubby (then bf) is not known for surprises nor being anywhere close to romantic but a surprise from him is definitely something I look forward too. Especially if he rarely rarely do surprises hehe...

The same Arabian themed suite as the 1st time we were here on a quick weekend getaway. Hubby bought me flowers, supposed to be my Christmas present. He bought it for me right after we had our breakfast in Peppercorn Cafe @ SS15. For dinner that night, we walked to Sunway Pyramid, AEON Jusco and grabbed a bottle of sparkling grape juice, some instant campbell soup for starters, instant ramen noodles and a huge chunk of meat loaf. We were so full!

The next morning, 24th Dec 2012, hubby surprised me yet again with another gift. Breakfast in-room dining! My favourite!! I always love breakfast at hotels/resorts and I always love in-room dining, because I'm just so lazy and it makes me feel like a princess (being served in the room). Hubby made a sandwich from his breakfast and it was meant for me! I always do this at breakfast, making my own sandwiches from whatever that's on the plate. Really sweet!

Hubby then asked me to change into a nice dress to take pictures. I thought maybe we were going out somewhere and only back at night prior to Christmas Eve celebration at some fine dining or something. But then he gave me this afterwards to blindfold myself and sit and wait. He said he wanted to give me my Christmas present in advance.

So this happened. He told me to turn right and smile. It wasn't long until I heard our music playing, "Boys Like Girls - 2 is better than 1", I kept wondering, what on earth?!...

It happened pretty quick too. When I opened my blindfold as he told me to. I saw a huge (GIGANTIC huge) teddy bear sitting directly opposite me on the sofa! And my hubby came out and brought the flowers over with my ring (the one we bought in Taiwan together for our marriage). I never thought he will actually go through with this "proposal" event with me!

There was definitely "tears" in my eyes. I never expected my hubby to be romantic, let alone to be able to surprise me, without me trying to be a smart-alec and spoil his plans all the time! My answer is pretty obvious. Afterall, we had already planned to get married (Wedding Package in May 2011, Wedding bands/rings in Taiwan-Aug 2012). But this proposal was everything, completes everything we've planned out for and helped us set the direction in motion. Thanks to my hubby!

We spent the rest of our day just talking on the sofa about how did he manage to pull this off and how on earth did he bring that HUGE bear into the room! I tried to piggy back it and it's no fun! Really heavy and bigger than me! At dinner we didn't want to go extravangant, hubby spent so much on the room and breakfast, I didn't want to have in-room dining at night, though he insisted. He wanted to propose at night right before Christmas but he decided to do it in the day time due to the daylight sun. (No thanks to the Samsung camera quality - bad for usage at night, lucky is free from lucky draw and not purchased)

The view outside on Christmas Eve, was breathtaking. We walked over to Sunway Pyramid. This time we did take-aways for Kenny Rogers (it was packed with ppl on Christmas eve night) and we bought some side dishes from AEON Jusco. Nice enough to compliment our special rare white wine "Santa Cristina by Antinori Campogrande Orvieto Classico 2008" waiting for us in the room. 

Usually the next line will go like this "We ended our Christmas Eve with...", however, this time around, we begun our Christmas with hopes for the future together.

We checked out the next day, 25th Dec 2012. I was embarrassed but delighted at the same. The kids at the lobby thought I was "Santa" because I was carrying a HUGE teddy bear to the lobby, waiting to check-out and then I had to walk outside to the interlink between Sunway Resort & Sunway Pyramid because the lift to the carpark was over there!! Imagine that stares, the "hoos & haas" and the kepochi's... Not to forget, I was so worried the lift was packed!! Lucky I was able to fit it with the bear on my back. I asked hubby if I could take bear home the same way he brought him to the hotel. I got "No" for an answer. So much for trying my luck, yikes.

This was how bear brought into the hotel...

And this was how I brought bear home... All the way from the room, to the lobby, to outside the lobby, to the carpark lift, into the car and until it reached home into my room.

This bear is now bound to be prepared for our baby boy's arrival. We know he's either gonna love him, torture him for being so huge or both!

Finally, managed to blog about this event. Though it was already mentioned in our wedding website that we created here :

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